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  1. Striped Bass Restrictions 2015

    For all you fishermen out there: It looks like Massachusetts has gone from 2 Stripers per day 28in+ to 1 fish per day. I'd be real scared if I caught more than 2 keepers to begin with [laugh2] Here's the link:
  2. AR15 Preban Magazines - Proving Legal or Illegal

    I'm sure people have asked similar questions in the past, but I searched and could not find the answers I was looking for, so I apologize in advance. I also apologize for trying to make sense of MA laws, because we all know that they make no sense anyway. For these questions, let's assume...
  3. Barreled Receiver Not C&R?

    I just learned that the ATF does not consider any (normal C&R eligible) firearm to be C&R if it is not complete and in it's original configuration. So if someone is selling a complete firearm it's fine, but if it lacks a bolt and stock than it is illegal to ship to a C&R. By now I should realize...
  4. One more Reason not to Post Sensitive Material on Facebook

    As always, my apologies if this is a dupe. I always check, but apparently not well enough [laugh] Always lean on the side of caution when posting anything to Facebook, or any other forum for that matter. Although I doubt she was doing anything with the intent to harm, she's now stuck with a few...
  5. 30 UK Officers vs Machete Wielding Man

    I checked for this video and couldn't find it. My apologies if it's a dupe though. About 30 UK police officers seem defenseless against a guy with a machete. Wonder how it would've turned out if he had a gun. [thinking]
  6. 7.62x25 Tok Availability?

    Hey guys, Well I just recently picked up my first Yugo M57 Tok and looking for some ammo to feed through it. I remember seeing the stuff everywhere and it went for roughly $110-$120/1260. I've been looking everywhere for bulk buys on surplus and can't find anything. There's still availability...
  7. Federal XM193-55gr 223 FMJ-$309.98/1000 Delivered

    Found a deal on .223 and figured some of you free staters may be interested. Federal XM193-55gr 223 FMJ-$309.98/1000 Delivered has Federal XM193 223 FMJ ammo on sale. Just need to purchase (2) 500 round lots at $154.99. Then use coupon code "Free223" and your order...
  8. Troop Carvings

    So I picked up a Hungarian M44 the other day for really cheap and I am in the process of refinishing it. Rebluing it, gluing back a piece of stock, stripped off the old finish, sanding, possibly stain (or not) and then refinish the wood. It was extremely cheap and looked like complete crap...
  9. Polish 7.62x54r Deal

    Saw this and figured I would pass it on to some of you free staters 880rnd Polish Light Ball for $159.90 with free shipping at AIM. I haven't tried the stuff, but from what I've read it's some of the most accurate stuff out there:
  10. Help Identify this Safe

  11. FIRELAPPING UPDATE 01/31/10 Savage 10FP Results Post 18

    Update Post 18 with Savage 10FP 1/31/10 Mods, please move to the general area. I didn't mean to exclude non-members. Thank you. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you my amazing experience earlier today with firelapping our 10/22. First off, anyone who is currently loading or...
  12. Mossberg 500a Trigger Housing

    I was wondering if anyone on here has ever dissassembled and reassembled a Mossberg 500a's trigger housing and could help me out with it. I was giving it a thorough cleaning and stupidly dissassembled it, figuring it wouldn't be too hard to put back together with a exploded diagram. When I...
  13. "Gun Information" Website

    I found a very interesting website that discusses all kinds of "gun information". By information, I mean an opinionated liberal who finds "data" to support his belief. Just thought you guys would enjoy seeing all the misinformation out there, used to push an...
  14. Does anybody here work at an Auto Repair Shop?

    I have a couple questions for you. Please PM me if you work in an auto shop. Thanks in advance, Mark
  15. Right to carry on campus poll

    Here's a link to a local poll on the Texas Senate's measure to allow CCW on college campuses. Link below, middle of page on the left.
  16. Yugo 7.62x39

    Two quick questions: First: I heard that Yugo brassed ammo 7.62x39 isn't reloadable, true/false? and why wouldn't it be? It isn't magnetic and it seems fine to me but I'm new to reloading. Second: I bought a few boxes of this and it seemed like a good deal but I don't know alot about it. Has...
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