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  1. Fall River Cop Arrested Twice In Less Than a Week

    Wonder if his LTC was pulled. He “cannot possess any firearm”.
  2. WTB WTB: Mossberg 500 in field configuration

    I’m looking to buy a Mossberg 500 12g or 20g with field barrel (26 or 28 inches). I’m located in Southcoast MA.
  3. Franchi Affinity Opinions

    I’m thinking about picking up a Franchi Affinity 3. Will be using it mainly for duck hunting. Opinions?
  4. WTB WTB: LPVO Scope

    I’m looking for a LPVO scope for my scout rifle.
  5. Public Safety Armory

    Has anyone had experience with Public Safety Armory in Rehoboth,MA?
  6. WTB: 280 Remington Ammo

    I’m looking to buy 280 Remington ammo.
  7. Remington 700 long or short action?

    My friend gave me a lefty(I’m left handed) Remington 700 in 280 Remington. It didn’t come with any optics, so Im shopping around. Would the Remington 700 in 280 be considered the long or short action version? Furthermore, does anyone know of any shops that have 280 Remington? Im probably going...
  8. WTS WTS: Smith and Wesson 640 Pro Series

    Looking to sell a lightly used Smith 640 pro series in 357 mag. Comes with tritium Novak style night sights and is cut for moon clips. I have the original box for it. I’m located around Southcoast area, close to New Bedford. I’m willing to travel a reasonable distance or meet halfway. $700 cash...
  9. WTB Delete

    I’m looking to buy a Sig P356 without a manual safety. I’m located in Southcoast, MA, willing to meet halfway or travel a reasonable distance.
  10. Help me choose my new carry gun: Glock 43 Vs. Sig P365 **update post 53**

    Hey all, I’m looking to buy a new carry gun. I’m going from a Smith 640 pro series revolver(lots of issues) to a small auto. I’m split on a Sig P365 vs. Glock 43. I do spend a lot of time around saltwater during the summer(fishing, crabbing..ect) so I’m unsure how the respective finishes...
  11. Delete

  12. WTB Ithaca 37 or browning BPS 12 gauge

    I’m looking for a 12 gauge Ithaca 37 or browning BPS in field configuration. I’m willing to trade a smith 640 proseries or pay cash. I’m located in SE MA.
  13. CEO of Southcoast Hospitals Busted for Assault and Gun Charges
  14. 2021/2022 Waterfowl season

    I’ll start with this mallard taken earlier this month.
  15. Effort to Ban Hunting and Fishing in Oregon there are enough loony leftys on the left coast that it just may pass.
  16. MA Blue Crab

    Anyone here like blue crab? Got about 8 of these bad boys at the marsh at the end of my road. Grilled with Old Bay and beer. Location is Southcoast MA.
  17. Mattapoisett Police Chief Arrested For OUI I’m sure her LTC will be pulled for “suitability”. (Sarcasm)
  18. COVID sniffing police dogs

    This couldn’t end badly at all. Hodgeson is the same turd burglar who wanted to put sheriff deputies on the streets of New Bedford and Fall River.
  19. WTB Smith K22 orK17

    I’m looking to buy a Smith K22 or model 17 revolver in 22lr
  20. WTB: Ruger Wrangler

    I’m looking to buy a Ruger Wrangler. I’m located in Southcoast MA and will travel a reasonable distance or meet halfway.
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