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  1. Micro trigger block?

    Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these for pocket carry of a j frame?
  2. Old second offense OUI vacated and dismissed

    In 2018 a guy called me to see if he could get his LTC issues resolved. He was a veteran who in 2011 had a second offense OUI but the prior offense was more than 10 years old at the time of the arrest. This meant he was entitled to be considered for another first offense disposition of a...
  3. PSA gun storage

    I'm not sure why but there has been a big uptick lately in people getting into trouble for improper storage. Examples lately: -People returning rental cars with guns in them. -People leaving guns in cars they give to valets to park. -People leaving guns in lockers without locks. -People leaving...
  4. Good resource for legal information: ATF Letters

    The below link is a repository of 90 legal opinion letters by the ATF. hosted by the National Firearm Trade and Collectors Association. Some of them are very interesting to us dealing with preban questions and other issues What is a permanently...
  5. For all your holiday gifts

    Who knew the ATF had a gift shop
  6. Somerville police duty gun?

    Does anyone know what gun is issued to PD in Somerville? No need to write your random guesses.
  7. Smith and wesson revolver help

    This revolver has been drilled into by a criminal. In my experience a j frame will have its serial number on the frame under these grips. Does anyone have an idea what they were trying to remove from the side plate here? I don't have the gun just pictures.
  8. One of my favorite things

    Getting guns from the police for clients after their charges get dropped.
  9. .45 Lpp vs. Spp test

    I did a very informal chrono test on loads for the .45 using small versus large primers. All the info I child find suggested there would be minimal if any difference in velocity if the load was the same. I load 5.1 grains of WST with a 200 gr SWC. Now, not going to lie here, the rounds were...
  10. License ordered in ridiculous denial

    Glad that one of the stupidest denials I've ever seen was tossed out after a hearing. The grounds for denying him were that he had a girlfriend that overdosed (but he was always drug free and paid for her rehab), he had moved around a few times so the police thought he was homeless, and he...
  11. News at it again

    Tell me what's ridiculous about this story: Not including the author who doesn't know the difference between "attacked"and (edit) "attached".
  12. Good outcome

    A while ago a client fell under the eye of a local police department and the ATF. These agencies contacted his local police department that issued his LTC. The local department suspended his LTC and seized a number of guns. We prepared for the worst, but declined several invitations to be...
  13. Taking of Pelham 123: gun weirdness

    Watched the great 1974 movie The Taking of Pelham 123. Robert Shaw's character pulls a Star Model B but then it turns into a BHP and back. Then the cops run in with **gasp** a gun I don't recognize. It turns out to be High Standard 12g bullpup monstrosity...
  14. I love a feel good story
  15. 1905 report advocating gun control in Mass.

    Interesting bit was brought to my attention today found in the 1905 report of the State Police advocating for control of concealed weapons due to the vicious foreigners' customs.
  16. 1982 Conviction vacated today

    Today a district court vacated a 1982 conviction which was caused my client's FID to get suspended. He made a crappy inspection sticker for his car with a sharpie and piece of cardboard due to a cracked windshield and was given the felony charge of false MV document. Because that was a felony...
  17. Glidden book anyone have one?

    I'm looking to buy or trade for a copy of the Glidden book. No, I'm not lining a cage of a pet bird with dysentery. I would like to refer to a copy when it suits me. Lmk.
  18. Nighthawk blows up

    I don't think I've seen this before.
  19. .45 clays issues

    I've been struggling to work up a uspsa load with Clays. I have some 230 plated and coated bullets from Xtreme and Ibejiheads. I need 717 fps to make power. The load data says max of 4 grains. Now I am loading a bit long for my two 1911s, 1.27 rather than the specified 1.2. But even at 4.1...
  20. Digital scale reviews

    Came across this video of affordable scales. Very informative. View:
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