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  2. Bowflex M5 Max Trainer - SOLD

    SOLD - PLEASE DELETE Excellent Condition, Lightly Used Bow Flex M5 Max Trainer with Owners Manual & Heart Rate Monitor. Fully Assembled - ready for use and pick up. $850.00 Photo is a stock photo.
  3. Moon Clip Question

    If the cylinder is or has been chamfered for moon clips, should you always use the moon clips to prevent a possible FTF? I recently picked up a used custom 686 that has been chamfered for moon clips and experienced a few FTF when not using the moon clips. The firing pin hit the primer but not...
  4. Question about Chambered Round Changeout

    I've been CC'ing a lot lately and noticed my defensive ammo (JHP) chambered round gets a bit beat up after repeated loading/unloading of the same round, particularly around the rim area near the primer. On some occasions, I do not get an adequate feed when I go to chamber a round when I load my...
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