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  1. Roll Call: 126th Boston Marathon on April 18th

    Who's in?
  2. Marathon 2021

    Who's in?
  3. Exterior wall mount

    So I plan to install the Starlink dishy and some ham antennae on the side of the house. The dishy need clear access to the sky, so it would be at the top of the wall. What are some good, solid mounts that everyone would recommend?
  4. WTB WTB/WTT Benelli M4

    Looking for a Benelli M4, can trade a pre-Maura AK for it.
  5. WTB Floor drill press, mini lathe, mini mill

    Check out my for sale threads, am open to trading firearms for a good quality floor drill press, mini lathe or a mini mill.
  6. WTB Diesel garden tractor

    Something like a John Deere 322. Let me know if you have one that you'd like to get rid of.
  7. Best Garand mold and load?

    If I decide to use cast boolits in 2019 for a CMP match or for plinking, what's the best mold and load to use? Asking in case something changed recently vs the answers from a few years ago.
  8. When size does matter

    Machined a new shift knob to eliminate the Subaru 4th gear jiggle. 2.7 lbs weight, 1.5 inch diameter steel, 7 inches in length.
  9. 2019 Marathon

    Who's volunteering? I signed up today.
  10. Auxiliary car battery

    So recently the Grand Caravan decided to shit a transmission and now I have a brand spanking new Subaru Forester with a manual transmission. Now I have to redo the entire CB and ham setup that I was carefully cultivating on the van. Yay. One thing that I have never been comfortable with is...
  11. WTS Grand Caravan steel wheels and TPMS sensors

    Last generation GC 17 inch steel wheels and tpms sensors for sale - my former winter wheels. Two years old, $100 for set of 4 rims and sensors. Will trade for reloading shit.
  12. Good 1 1/2 single stage press?

    Hi everyone, I got a 7/8 single stage lee challenger off a member here, however I discovered recently that my .221 sizing die is a different size (1.5"). What's the better single stage press for that? Lee has a cast one for $107, but at that point I can probably find something better quality.
  13. Wolf berdan primers

    Anyone see them for sale lately?
  14. New mobile rig

    Bought a new FTM-3200DR for the van, will post pics. I got a super console to mount all the radios in, it will fit between the front driver and passenger seat.
  15. Mobile Ham Setup

    Last summer I had set up a ham and CB in my van using velcro, on the recommendation of my father in law. That was a bad idea. Velcro strips all fell off in the heat and I'm boned with mounting all that. Now, at the same time, my wife got a new Honda CRV for her birthday and there will not be...
  16. 5.45 reloading

    There's a guy, JeepFan, on AKFiles who is selling 5.45 reloading kits. If you're looking to reload 5.45, for 7U1 or something similar for example, take a look. They are Lee kits, just got mine.
  17. Song about Russian military cryptographers

    For your viewing and listening pleasure: View:
  18. TM-281A for MARS/CAP

    Does anyone have hands-on experience with unlocking the MARS/CAP? If it ends up being easy, I'll sign up for MARS.
  19. Removing existing restrictions in a different town?

    Didn't we have a thread about petitioning the previous police chief to expire your license early and reapplying in your new town after moving?
  20. Backpack radios

    Does anyone run the military/surplus backpack radios? Are they useful at all? If you buy surplus, there's a ton of variety in terms of the frequencies across the entire ham band spectrum.
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