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  1. Bait and Switch on HR 1808?

    Per Grassroots North Carolina (also saw alert from American Firearms Association):
  2. Looks like Vermont Gun owners may be about to be porked again.
  3. Cuck Fed District Judge upholds FL law barring 18-20 olds from purch Sorry if dupe. The worst part is the judge claimed to not want to rule in favor of the state, but did so anyway by implying that “longstanding” precedent at the...
  4. More Unilateral Garbage that the BATFE is Pulling

    I didn’t see this posted anywhere else on NES even though it’s over a week old. As of now it doesn’t matter or have any effect in many, if any Northeastern States but could end up affecting all 25 states that currently exempt CCW permit holders from a NICS check at the point of purchase. It...
  5. RI Governor expands 7 day waiting period to 30 days. Very, very sorry if dupe but definitely important enough to risk posting twice. This was largely the chiefs of police that foisted this upon the public, as they complained they were having trouble keeping up with the increased...
  6. SCOTUS Passes on Challenge to Bumpstock Ban Discuss...
  7. Justice Thomas absent from 1st day of new SCOTUS term due to "unspecified illness"

    I don't like the sound of this AT ALL. U.S. Supreme Court kicks off new term, with Justice Thomas absent
  8. Looks like the State of Nevada is Continuing to Lurch Towards Anti-gun, F-tardedness...

    Nevada Gov. Sisolak signs gun control bill into law
  9. Cocaine Mitch better not screw us... bringing this up in the senate for a vote! Anti-Gunners Use Dirty Tricks to Push Gun Control — Action Needed | Gun Owners of America
  10. Lindsay Graham - Not Our Friend

    Sorry if dupe, but Ole' Lindsay is working furiously to negotiate away our rights via national level ERPO legislation, according to GOA: Calls for gun confiscation loom in Congress | Gun Owners of America As Linda Richmond (Mike Myers in drag) would say, "Discuss!"
  11. National Reciprocity??

    Heard a totally unsubstantiated rumor that some form of national reciprocity language passed in the FY19 Congressional Appropriations bill. Can anyone confirm or refute that this happened???
  12. My Condolences, Vermont Gun Owners

    Vermont primary: Results for key races Cliff Notes Version: Leftist Transgender Democrat to Face Back-stabbing Anti-gun Incumbent RINO in the VT General Election for Governor.
  13. Ill-Annoy House to disarm 18-20 year-olds retroactively

    Evidently no grandfather clause either. Ignorant f*cktards. Appears to target MSRs. Confiscation: State Congress Orders Once Legal Owners to Turn in Guns
  14. Vermonters, call your governor and state legislators, NOW!

    VT Senate committee approves weapons removal bill
  15. 12/19/17 MA Legistraitors Hearing on S.2063

    Sent to me by GOAL around noon today - Sorry If Dupe: The legislation appears to limit gunowners to purchasing any firearm capable of accepting standard cap mags to 1 a month. More vomit from Cynthia Creem.
  16. Suddenly can’t connect to NES on my work computer

    As of yesterday I’m having a huge problem connecting to the NES website on my work computer. I don’t think I’m being intentionally blocked. The message I get after entering the site address into my browser (internet explorer- the only browser available to me as a government employee) is the...
  17. FBI Back-Hands Bloomy in Nevada

    Sorry if this is a dupe. Hey Bloomturd, the next time you plan on flushing $20 Million down the toilet please at least think about depositing it into my personal bank account instead!! This...
  18. SCOTUS Rules .gov can infringe if you "recklessly" injure your Spouse/Sig Other Didn't see this posted anywhere else yet. I find it interesting that Sotomayor sided with Thomas on this one, but less surprised that the other "conservative" justices sided with the...
  19. Meeting of "Task Force" on keeping of "Distressed Person's" Firearms

    Sorry if a dupe, but I can't seem to get the GOAL website to come up and I haven't seen anything on this site as of yet about this. I'm willing to bet good money that this "proposed legislation" is an attempt to replicate the new Commiefornia law that allows family members, neighbors and anyone...
  20. Virginia AG to end reciprocity with all other states.

    Didn't see a thread on this yet. Either way, what a D-Bag move.
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