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  1. Monument Beach IDPA

    I heard there was something in the works at MBSC. Does anyone have any news?
  2. NRA Life Member Deal

    I got a mailing from the NRA today. The $300 life membership deal is back on. The offer is good until January 31, 2010.
  3. Free Guns

    Free Guns! Nope. I lied. Now that I have you attention here's a clarification and reminder of some of the classified rules. The rules should be read by anyone who posts an ad or responds to an ad. Most of the moderation of NES happens in the Classifieds Forums. The...
  4. L-N-L is Here!

    The used Hornady L-N-L I bought showed up today! It's all unpacked and spread out on the bench. I can't wait to get it all together but that will have to wait until tomorrow or Sat. It figures that the holes from my single stage don't line up for the L-N-L[thinking] I'll be posting a single...
  5. Tumbler & Scale

    I'm finishing the gearing up for reloading and need a tumbler. I have $150 in Bass Pro gift cards so that's where I'm looking. Plus I think I have a code for $10 card with a $50 purchase. They have the Hornady M-2, RCBS and Lyman Twin Turbo & Turbo 1200. They're all priced around the same...
  6. Road Trip

    Another crappy day. Can't do any yard work, yeah! And the wife is scoring at the Middleboro track. I'm going to head up to America's Armed later on and finally pick up my NES lower. Then I'll hit Bass Pro on the way home, I have $150 in gift cards to burn. Anyone know if Bass Pro stocks...
  7. New Police Range/Plymouth, MA

    It's only temporary but in this state, in this day and age... Chief Botieri has only been at the helm for about year yet he's made some sweeping changes that are all for the better.
  8. NRA RSO Course

    Some ranges require NRA certified RSOs at Appleseed shoots. There is a course that coming up soon in MA. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea if Instructors and IITs picked this certification up. Here's the thread:
  9. More Classifieds Ad Stuff

    Ever wonder why you never see superfluous comments in the classifieds? Ever wonder why when you post a superfluous comment it disappears? Well, here's the reason. A "Must Read" For All Potential Posters/Buyers (Really, read this first) Now STOP IT! And now back to our regular scheduled...
  10. Marlin 795 .22 On Sale @ DSG

    Dick's Sporting Goods has the Marlin 795 listed in today's circular for $99 after a $20 mail-in rebate. Great price for a decent plinker. The 795 also makes a decent Liberty Training Rifle at half the price of a Ruger 10/22. It comes with sling swivel studs and Tech-Sights are available...
  11. More Booze and Guns-Plymouth, MA

    Excerpted from this article:
  12. Hitch Covers

    Here's a different cover. Check out the styles he has:
  13. Old Scale

    Someone gave me this old Pacific scale. I see no way to set the weight to a known level. Would this be of use to anyone or is it junk?
  14. The NES Family

    I know it's been said before but this forum has to be the best one out there. Sure, we all have our differences but when it comes down to it, we're all family. Last night I posted a WTB for some dies or dummy rounds. I had one offer to sell me dies, one to borrow a set and multiple offers...
  15. Interested in a "Mini" Appleseed?

    A Mini Appleseed will be held at the Mansfield Fish & Game on June 13. Close to SE MA, Cape Cod, RI. This is a great chance to see first hand what Appleseed is all about. Follow this link to sign up:
  16. Mansfield, MA "Mini" Appleseed June 13

    Heard all about Appleseed but unsure if you want to try one? Can't do a full Appleseed because of time? Want to practice before that full Appleseed? Need to test out that new rifle? If you answered yes to any on these questions then I have the answer for you! Saturday June 13 from Noon...
  17. "Original" Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous/Warren, MA

    "Original" Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous Visitors' Days will be on Sunday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 26, from 10AM - 4PM. Anyone planning on attending or visiting?
  18. Unique flagpole draws visitors, makes statement
  19. MSP BFS Instructor App

    I have my app for my LEOSA Firearms Instructor Cert and I figure I might as well grab a MSP BFS Instructor cert while I'm at it. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the application or know where there's one stored online? EOPS search is neg. Thanks.
  20. E. B-Water MA Police Assoc LEO Top Gun Shoot 2009

    Looks like fun. We may get a couple teams together from out dept. Anyone else? LEO Top Gun Shoot 2009 MS Word doc.
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