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  1. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    I was thinking the same thing, but i will need a bigger cabinet. Holy crap I just realized I have a DPMS AR-10 In my cabinet. I actually forgot I had it. Help me....I gotta get a bigger cabinet
  2. Rhode Island 10 Round mag limit lawsuit

    I was pondering that myself....
  3. Police bodycam shows good shoot of a man attempting to attack an officer at a traffic stop

    That cop had the reflexes of a praying mantis...
  4. sinking the bismark

    We took a little bacon and we took a little beans, and we fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans
  5. Brain Scans Depict Gulf War Syndrome Damage

    Not really. They usually don't
  6. What cartridge for firing squad?

    8 inch howitzer, point blank
  7. 74yo shoots 16yo in home invasion

    The kid probably had a funny name
  8. 3/25/2021. BREAKING: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Bump Stocks are Not Machine Guns

    Too late, I already got them. Be more discreet next time.... I left the SKS on the bottom..
  9. [Deleted thread]

    I have been a member of westfield sportsmans club for 20 years. Never had a problem with RO's. in fact they are very helpful. Review the range rules.....
  10. Percussion caps

    He did have a smith. sold it. Just got off the phone with him. Great guy very helpful.
  11. Percussion caps

  12. Percussion caps

    Goose got back. I am on a roll. The Smith was my g grandpas. He was a civil war vet. I can feel his presence thru the rifle...
  13. Percussion caps

    The nipple is original for sure. It is clear as well. I contacted Goose. Thanks
  14. Percussion caps

    thanks all, but I should have mentioned I need caps for a Smith Carbine. I think #11 would be too small...It is a civil war relic in very good condition.
  15. Percussion caps

    Why are there none availible? One place had them , but required a 200.00 minumin order
  16. Mini die cast AR15!!!! Coolest thing ever

    They will still take you downtown..
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