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  1. WTS Thomas train

    Have a Thomas the train table for sale. Good condition and comes with tracks and trains. $75 located in Merrimack valley. PM here.
  2. Kim jong Un will not be down for breakfast Dupe sorry, please delete
  3. WTB 2.5-5HP boat motor

    Looking for a small outboard motor
  4. Gen4 G20

    Question for some of you that have one. Should I replace the stock recoil spring and replace it with a 20# or 22# recoil spring? I've been watching videos and doing some reading and it seems like this is mentioned often. This is my first 10mm so I'm new to this. Any suggestions would be...
  5. 2019 Fishing Thread

    Thought it would be a good time to start one for 2019.
  6. Shooting gloves

    So the cold weather is upon us and I'm looking into getting a pair of gloves for shooting. I'd also like the gloves to be used for everyday wear while carrying too. Is there a pair of gloves that works well for both the range and everyday?
  7. SP101 grip

    Looking to get a new grip for my sp101 3" barrel. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Springfield 1911 45 or P229

    Thinking of picking up a firearm tomorrow. These are the two I’m choosing from. I don’t have a 1911 but I do like sigs. Any feedback? Just these two please. Thanks
  9. Please explain the part on NH for me at #14

    States With the Most Gun Violence Are we serious here? So it's illegal to carry a loaded gun on oneself or in a vehicle in NH? WTF can we please do our homework.
  10. Fun safe can be opened no pin needed I don’t have one of these but thought it was interesting. Still would be tough considering you’d have to steal it first.
  11. Ice fishing holster

    So I'm a pretty avid ice fisherman and was wondering what others used for a holster to carry while out there if you do. I wear thermals under my ice fishing suit so nothing to clip that to, no belt etc. I picked up a comfort tac and it seems pretty comfortable and holds the weight of the gun...
  12. Looking to buy a 45 in a couple months agree with the list?

    Saw this list for best 45's. Looking to get a 45 for fall and winter carry and was doing some research. I see the majority of these on multiple lists. Thought I'd throw this list out there for opinions. Thanks
  13. First Purchase

    Picked up my LTC yesterday afternoon and went and purchased a shield 9mm today. I've always shot it well and took a liking to the gun when I first started so it was an easy decision for me. Although Corrine Mosher told me to go buy a Canik TP9sf in my dream last night so I think I might do that...
  14. And another killing Seems like a daily theme these days......disgusting.
  15. Paramedic shot This is ridiculous not the people who try and save your life are targeted.
  16. Shield 10 round kit

    Sorry if this has been posted I didn't see it. Has anyone installed the kit to make the shield hold 10 rounds instead of the 8? If so does it cause any issues and does it cause any differences in the feel when firing or concealing?
  17. kickass

    Saw this and all I can say is kickass
  18. Another scam to watch for.....pretty bold and seems to be working too

    Saw this early this morning.........great another scam to look out for. Now I know why I never answer my phone unless I recognize the number.
  19. P320 subcompact

    Was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a P320 subcompact in Ma. I see the P320 compact for sale at four seasons in Woburn but can't find the subcompact in Ma. I know there's not huge difference but I do like the subcompact guns. I've searched online but can't seem to find. Does...
  20. Opinion on concealed carry gun for hiking camping etc

    Wanted to get your opinion on what you would use for a ccw for hiking camping etc in case of an encounter with a large 4 legged animal. I'm only purchasing one handgun at the moment when I can and would like something that's going to be good all around. Would a 9mm be sufficient enough? I've...
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