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  1. WTS Diamonback DB380 $295

    DB380. Maybe fired a magazine of ammo. $295 FTF in NH
  2. WTS Vector V93 Rifle 5.56

    Brand new old stock Vector V93. Similar to HK 53 33. FTF in NH $2395
  3. WTS Firestorm .45 1911

    Firestorm 1911 .45 with custom made Cocobolo grips. Perfect condition with maybe 5 rounds have been fired. FTF in NH$375
  4. WTS AMT Backup .45

    AMT Backup .45 Stainless $375 in good shape with very few rounds through it. Case and 2 mags FTF in NH
  5. WTS Antique 7mm Pinfire pistol

    I believe it is a LEFAUCHEUX 7mm pinfire, but not 100 percent sure. It has a fold up trigger and has nice engraving on the wood and steel. Taking offers.
  6. Sold WTS 8 pistols $500 for all

    One is made by Lee and the rest are all Harrington and Richardson. I dont think they are safe to shoot, but are cool to look at. FTF in NH.
  7. WTS KP44 Parts kit with barrel

    It looks to be a virgin unfired parts kit gun with barrel and mag. $250
  8. WTS Saiga Quad Rail

    UTG Saiga 12 Quad Rail $40
  9. WTS AR Mid length quad rail

    UTG Free float mid length quad rail $35
  10. WTS sold

  11. Walther PPKS Grips

    Looking for grips for a Walther PPKS. Im open to just plain black or white ones or nicer wood grips. Cheers
  12. WTS HK G36 Trigger groups

    Brand new German HK 4 position burst pack $150. 3 position Navy $300
  13. HK MP5 4 position trigger burst trigger group

    HK MP5 4 position trigger burst trigger group. New German HK and in package. $775 Also have 3 positions as well, same price
  14. HK trigger groups MP5, HK33, G3, HK91, G36, 93

    I have several trigger groups available for Many HK models. MP5, MP5K, HK33, G3, HK91, G36, HK93 etc. New and Used In many different configurations 2,3 and 4 positions and different styles. Let me know what you need and I can get you a price and send picture. I can also ship if needed...
  15. WTS CSA Olympia Target pistol .22, box, papers, 2 mags, weight

    CSA Olympia Target pistol .22, box, papers, 2 mags, counter weight. Only fired 2 mags worth total, shoots very well, nice trigger. Getting collectable. FTF in NH only $375
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