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  1. Politicians! If you think guns are a problem in the U.S.

    If you think guns are a problem in the U.S., you should watch this. If, on the other hand, you do not believe guns are a problem, then you, also, should watch this. GOAL, NRA and a few other Pro-Gun organizations should be using this video as a marketing tool. The Biejing Administration needs to...
  2. Best States for Gun Owners

    No surprise for for us firearms owners in Ma**h***.
  3. Do we have Voter Fraud In Massachusetts.

    Airing now! One American News, Absolute Truth with M. Lindell. A 2-hour Documentary very educational on voter fraud. Ballot imaging, and servers in foreign countries with your ballot. Dr. Shiva a MIT Graduate and politician explains how he lost in Massachusetts election by State Government...
  4. WTS U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand WWII (1944) Era. SOLD

    Location: Massachusetts. Description: Serial No. 3006081. 30.06 cal. Manufacture Month: June 1944 to September 1944. Part Markings are: Bolt: Part No. 6528287 IHC, Type 2 and 019 under the 6528287 IHC. Barrel: LMR D6535448 11-54 A38 P M. Sights: Rear sight assembly – National Match, Front...
  5. WTS SOLD Thank You!

  6. M4A1 Helically Fluted Barrel

    Two engineers at the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Armaments Center have invented a new helically fluted M4A1 barrel that reduces risk of barrel failure or premature cook-offs during high rates of fire for extended periods. The design was created by Thomas Grego and...
  7. WTB HK51B Full-Auto Belt-Fed Machine Gun.

    I'm looking for a HK51B. Must have all OEM HK Parts. I will require an inspection prior to transfer. An SBR is ok providing it is presently in State. PM with any information. Thanks, Frank
  8. WTS Zeiss/Eltro, the Orion 80 Fero Z-51 Night Vision Scope.

    Location : Massachusetts. Description : Original Military marked serailized hard case manufacture by Zeiss/Eltro. The Orion 80 Fero Z-51 night vision scope is a Gen. 1 scope made in Germany. The Starlight night vision scope features XX1211 and XX1340 image intensifier tubes, reticle...
  9. Removal of Classifieds

    What requirements do you use to determine it's time to remove a Classified Ads? I have or had ads in NFA, Rifles, Pistols, and a few other categories for sale. Since the new and improved version of NEShooters have changed I can only find some of my ads. I do not recall receiving any email from...
  10. Best Price is on a Sig Sauer?

    Where do you think is the best place to purchase a new Sig Firearm? You will be surprised just like I was today.
  11. IDPA or IPSC Matches.

    Hi. Looking for someone on the North Shore (Danvers, Rowley, Ipswich and Newburyport) who attends IDPA/IPSC matches. My main reason is I get bored driving and attending matches alone. My last shooting partner has decided to focus on full-auto weapons only. Frank
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