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  1. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    I’ll be there on Saturday for an IDPA match. It was cleared A LOT when I was there last month. Curious to see what’s changed since then
  2. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    Anyone know who the developer is? Company name? I’m too lazy to go on the deeds website 😂
  3. AR in x39?

    Thanks. I’ll stick with the new 10 round duramags for now. They’ve been extremely reliable
  4. 2022 Fishing Thread

    Well now my buddy isn’t really going out anymore since he can’t sell them. He said he’ll fool around a bit but not put in 10 hour days like he was for commercial striper fishing. Now I won’t be going out [laugh]
  5. AR in x39?

    Really? I use the 1/2" AR500 from shootsteel and it lasts a long time. I mean it eventually gets a little pitted but still holds up fine otherwise. I don’t shoot at it any closer than 60 yards FWIW
  6. AR in x39?

    Good as new. The new 20V DeWalt impact drill I bought over the weekend came in handy to remove the nuts. Though I need to order more hanger straps and bolts. Used my last spare kit. I use the rubber belt hangers from shootsteel and these bright colored green hangers from They...
  7. AR in x39?

    Nice setup
  8. AR in x39?

    Shot some red box red army, white box red army and Igman brass x39 today. Had one dud in the white box red army. The rest was fine. I’m making sure to keep all of the x39 brass so I can sell it off at some point. No way I’m going to reload that. Case rims get a little banged up but should be...
  9. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Not everyday you find PPU 7.5x55 brass at the range. Score! Also got a few 44 mag and one 30-30 case. Those 7.5 cases are worth like 40+ cents each 😂
  10. Deals and steals

    True. Just a pain in the ass if you don’t unbox it while at the store. Otherwise you have to box it up and drive back to the store lol
  11. Deals and steals

    Buy at your own risk. I ordered 2 and both were damaged so I went with a cabinet off Amazon for a little more and the packaging was WAAAY better than the Husky.
  12. Rifle Gunsmith

    For CZ I’d just send it to Impact Machine in Louisiana. They’re the go to
  13. Rifle Gunsmith

    Slide Dynamics in Rockland does Glock and Sig. Not sure about CZ
  14. 308 Uppers

    I bought a complete Aero 223 wylde upper which has been great. Got it from wing tactical. They got a few Aero AR10 uppers:
  15. 308 Uppers

    I’d get an Aero upper after seeing mountains range report
  16. Aero M5 'Project' - Sub MOA Made Simple

    Possibly? I dunno. Makes me want to shoot my new AR with complete Aero upper, for groups. I wonder if mine has a “premium” barrel. It’s fluted SS 223 wylde. Looking at the BA website, all 223 wylde barrels are premium so maybe it is
  17. Aero M5 'Project' - Sub MOA Made Simple

    Damn that’s a nice group. Not sure you can complain or improve on that 😂
  18. Proof of Address at Bass Pro

    Beat me to it.
  19. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Gotcha. Should be good then assuming that’s the length after resizing not before. It really depends. I’ve had some that needed to be trimmed first time around and some the second time. It’s a PITA but I don’t want an OOB firing
  20. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Nice. Ya keep an eye on the case length. Trim length is 1.280" and max length is 1.290" View: View: View...
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