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  1. 22 MAG suggestions ?

    I have a bit of a 22mag problem… Keltec PMR30 SW 351C Charter Pathfinder Lite Heritage RR22 RIA M1911-A1 XT22 *Magnum Research Magnum Lite Graphite *Walther WMP NAA multiple models Ruger Precision Standard S333 I need to add some Henry lever actions for sure. The two marked with * you should...
  2. Proof of Address at Bass Pro

    You are correct that this is a federal felony and would all be on you. I think the seller would be in the clear though it might be dicey for a short time. They did get an in state ID and validate the transaction thereby meeting federal and state requirements. My youngest still has a valid MA...
  3. Proof of Address at Bass Pro

    handwritten address on the back of the LTC means nothing. Hand written address on the back of the DL is a legal document. Flip your drivers license over when you have a chance and read what is at the middle bottom. It says "CHANGE OF ADDRESS. PRINT BELOW. PERMANENT INK." Recording your new...
  4. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    The level of paranoid retard in this thread is extreme but not unexpected for NES. Taking the law and atf communication at face value (we can wear tinfoil in a different thread) Delayed does not result in local PD notification. Only Denied. Addresses could be collected for all backgrounds...
  5. Gun Control by Credit Card Companies?

    Cc processors for gun businesses have always been a challenge. I keep two different processor accounts active so if one goes away I have a backup. So far I’ve had two accounts go poof. The first time I was not prepared with a backup and had no processor for a couple weeks. The second time it...
  6. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    You are linking facts. They require the address for delayed and denied. The reason they need it for delayed is because they could turn into denied. The law requires notification of local law enforcement within 24 hours of a denied. They can’t insure that they can reach the ffl for the address...
  7. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    I know nothing more then the email. I guess we wait to find out…
  8. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    They only forward if you get denied. The get the address on delayed since it might turn into a denied. There is no "5 days". The requirement on delayed is that after 3 full business days the FFL can release the gun. Not in play here since it only causes notification on Denied
  9. NICS requiring address for delayed and denied

    Today when we do a background check, we do not enter your current address, just your state of residence. Now we will have to include your address if we get a response other than proceed. So for all the people that get routinely delayed whether because of some irrelevant record in the system or...
  10. Proof of Address at Bass Pro

    You bought a gun at bass pro. ‘Nuff said. I do not feel your pain. MA drivers license says to write your new address on the back. That is a legal ID. If they don’t take it, eff them
  11. FRB FA-10 Database

    So smith and Wesson eFA10s every gun as they make them? Cool
  12. ATF Conduct Surprise Inspection at Man’s Home without Warrant VIDEO

    Handguns only. Not rifles or others (frames and receivers). Just handguns cause a multi handgun purchase form to get generated.
  13. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    Police chief and the mayor both. CNN has quotes from them both. They fill their article with emotional fluff about another community dealing with gun violence and 350 mass shootings this year and…. But they are quoting the two officials praising the 22yr old who killed the bad guy.
  14. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    Long rifle is likely being used because of the recent update by the AP to stop using assault rifle and assault weapon as they are over politicized terms
  15. Is the Mill famous?

    You know better
  16. Is the Mill famous?

    That room has a lot of unbidden cameras…
  17. Is the Mill famous?

    Too late. She camped out in one of the shops two weeks ago. They asked her to leave and she declined. She sat and watched them conduct business. Bloomberg was around also the week before. One shop sat and talked to them for over an hour before someone went in and kicked them out of the...
  18. Machine gun license oddity

    Covered by a CMR of course. The reference to 18 USC .... is a 03 FFL. 501 CMR 6.00 Bona Fide Collectors of Firearms. A “bona fide collector of firearms,” for the purpose of issuance of a machine gun license, shall be defined as an individual who acquires firearms for such lawful purposes as...
  19. Glock 21 or 1911 - which one should I buy?

    I think this is easy. If you think it’s really a trade space between a Glock and a 1911 you are just not up to possessing a 1911. 1911s reject you. Get a Glock. Put It in your safe next to your HiPoint. Stick to plastic striker fired millennial crap guns and don’t sully yourself with god’s...
  20. Boyfriend loophole

    Is his name Johnnie and her name Amber?
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