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  1. P365 holster

    Bought a Henrys Flint AIWB for my SAS and quality were way better than I thought for $55 shipped came in quickly and the owner responded very quickly to my questions ....just an FYI for anyone looking for a holster
  2. office chair

    I'm spending a lot more time in my office chair due to this forced time at home.... I have an office chair that I love...its not an antique or anything but its solid and comfy...the leather seat is cracked/ripped...but the wood frame is in great shape...I'm looking for someone or a...
  3. Looking to try out a S&W 327

    Hi my Dad is considering buying a S&W 327 which is an eight shot 357. He would like to handle one to see if it is really for him. If anyone is within 25 miles of Middleboro and has one. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to check it out. None of the LGS carry it and he doesn't want to...
  4. Identify this mag please

    Bought it off GB was told it was preban CZ...doesn't fit 85B or SP-01...any ideas?
  5. Pre ban glock 17 pro mag

    anyone have experience with the glock 17 u notch pre ban mags made by pro mag? I know pro mag isn't the best in the world but are they decent for range mags at least?
  6. Full sized striker gun 9mm

    Having trouble finding a full sized striker gun preferably without a safety...can't find the sig 320..anyone have any insight into a M & P pro or performance center? Any other ideas? 9mm only please..reasonable budget (under $800)
  7. PPQ

    anyone have both or shot both the standard PPQ and the 5inch? If so is the 5 inch worth the extra money and size? thanks
  8. adding a round to glock 43

    anyone try this?
  9. Performance center shield

    Saw a review on the performance center shield..looks interesting..anyone have one?
  10. CZ VS Sig

    I have the opportunity to acquire a new CZ 75 SP-01 shadow custom for the same money as a used Sig 226 elite stainless....anyone shot both? Quality of each? They are not cheap guns so I don't want to rush into one... I believe pre bans are available for both for reasonable money..any other...
  11. Help me spend my cash

    In the mid 90s I shot a full sized HK 9mm at a gun club...couldn't afford to buy it but even today I remember how it felt perfect for my hand...and I shot it better than any gun prior or since...NES knowledge base...what model could it be ?
  12. VP9 or P30L

    I was offered several different trades this week. One is the VP9 non night sights model and another was the P30L decocker model...anyone have both..I've never shot either one but have always wanted an HK...which one is a better quality? trigger? thanks
  13. glock 19 gen 4 not firing last round

    Hi I have a new Gen 4 glock 19 and I purchased some low caliber marked square notch prebans (2) here is my matter how many rounds I load into either mag...the last round doesn't fire and the slide doesn't complety cycle..leaving a loose round that falls out when I eject the...
  14. Thanks MFS for getting me addicted

    I took advantage of the Mass Firearms school Karma giveaway voucher today....Shot a few of there I have a problem...I shot them better than all my other guns...damn MFS for allowing me free access to get addicted...Actually wanted to let everyone know that MFS was a great range and I...
  15. CZ 2075 RAMI BD

    I'm thinking of picking this up for a carry gun..anyone have it?
  16. anyone have experience with these basepads for glock 43 looks interesting..anyone have experience with it?
  17. anyone have experience with the crossbreed belly band modular system?

    Saw a link on the crossbreed belly band modular system..looked interesting...anyone have it? or tried it? thanks
  18. softest shooting full size 9mm

    Looking for suggestions for the softest felt recoil for a full sized 9mm...
  19. bergdal charged with desertion

  20. how do I keep signed in on my phone?

    Even though I check the remember me box...I'm signed out of NES several times a day...this never happens on my home I missing something? thanks for the help. Jeremy
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