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  1. WTS Aero Precision Complete Upper Receiver - AR15 5.56 16”

    For Sale: MINT Aero Precision Complete Upper Receiver. 16” barrel - 12” M-Lok rail - pinned/weld compensator. Only test rounds fired, like new. Aero BCG and milspec charge included. OPEN TO TRADES $740 cash/$780 card or digital Meet up in Western MA - Agawam/Springfield area. Email me at...
  2. Beretta Tomcat .25 Stainless

    For Sale: Beretta Tomcat Stainless in 25 auto Original wood grips. Comes with one magazine and one box of ammo (42 rounds). $540 cash FFL Transfer or FTF EFA10 meet at Culverine Firearms in Feeding Hills, MA. You pay the transfer fee. Email me at [email protected] Goose rules
  3. Agawam licensing/records dept closed for now...

    Heads up all Agawam residents, the person who handled all licensing for the APD is no longer working at the dept. They have no replacement yet and licensing/records is closed for the time being.
  4. Aero Precision Stripped Lowers in stock?

    Has anyone seen any Aero 5.56/multi stripped lowers in stock at any shops in the last few weeks? Preferably in the western half of the state. Thanks.
  5. SBR in MA step by step instructions

    I searched and searched different key words, but can't find a detailed step by step process to legally build an SBR in MA. A list that I could print is what I'm looking for. Can someone post a link if there's something out there im not seeing. Thanks.
  6. Wife wants P32. Thoughts?

    My wife has dainty little hands and recoil is not her friend. She has tried a variety of hgs in 9 and 380 but did not care for any of them. She likes the pos 22s I have, but they're mid-full size and they're 22s. She wants a smaller hg and the P32 caught her eye online. Anyone have...
  7. Chicopee Chief Charette Retiring CHICOPEE, MA (WSHM) - Acting Chicopee Police Chief Thomas Charette confirmed to CBS 3 Springfield that he will no longer head up the city's police department. Mayor David Kos is...
  8. Chicopee: Chief Charette Out - Jebb In

    Chicopee police chief selection process 'tainted,' says Civil Service Commission in decision vacating appointment of Thomas Charette.
  9. S&W Off CA list now too. Hot on the heels of Ruger’s announcement that it will allow all of its pistols to fall off the California Department Of Justice approved list, ending Ruger’s pistol sales in the...
  10. My new English Pointer - 2 years old, started dog

    She's new to me, just got her a couple days ago. She's been good so far, my wife and son like her a lot. She points pretty well and has a good nose on her from what I've seen. My grandfather has trained all the others we've ever hunted with, so this is my first time training on my own. I...
  11. Lewis Machine ARs

    Does anyone have one? Is it worth the extra funds in your opinion? I've been eyeballing one for a few months. Thanks.
  12. Mossberg Magazine Conversion Kits - Legal right? See link - no problems with doing this in MA right?
  13. W. MA Pheasant Hunting: Dogs

    A couple of us are looking for someone with dogs who's willing to let us join them on a pheasant hunt. We went out today, without dogs, and we're not productive. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  14. "Black NRA" These guys disagree. HC7B34Qw
  15. Sig 229-1 (E2) 9mm 10rd Mags

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for Sig 229-1 (E2) 9mm 10rd Mags and I can't find sh*t. Anyone have a line on em? Seems like everywhere online has the 15s, but no 10s. Post a link if you know of a site, or if there is a shop west of Worcester give me the heads up. Thanks.
  16. Is there a rally in Springfield Friday?

    Or just the hearing? If anyone is going to rally post here. I will be there around 11am if anyone plans on holding sign/flags etc.
  17. Cerakote - Paper City Firearms

    I got my Sig P229 back from Paper City Firearms - Holyoke, MA today and HOLY CRAP is it awesome. Frame is Tungsten and the slide/trigger/etc is Graphite Black. If you are looking into Cerakote (and you should be) go to, pick your color(s) and get in there. You will not...
  18. MA Amendment 464 - Investigate Firearms Licensing Practices

    FROM GOAL: Senator Michael Knapik of Westfield has filed an amendment to the FY2014 Senate budget on behalf of GOAL. The amendment would instruct the Massachusetts Inspector General's Office to conduct a thorough investigation into the failure of the Massachusetts firearm licensing system...
  19. My Letter To Gabriel Gomez

    Mr. Gomez, Your website appears to lack a contact email so I chose to write via social media. I have read your website thoroughly with a focus on the section titles "second amendment". I have read in several newspapers and online artilces that you "support the second amendment, but would also...
  20. CT Non-Res Major Delays

    I spoke with the firearms licensing bureau today regarding my CT non-res app. I had called to check on the status as I had applied 50 days ago. I was told that they did indeed receive my app but they are 4-5 MONTHS behind and I should expect it sometime late summer/early fall. The first...
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