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  1. Gun consignments question

    Question about gun consignments: Is there any limit on the number of guns a private (non-FFL) lgun owner can consign with a FFL? For example, if I had a gun collection consisting of 30 guns could I consign them with a FFL all at once? Or does the "4 gun transactions per year" rule apply? Thank you.
  2. K frame spring kit?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my S&W model 19 with a reduced power spring kit. There seem to be at least 3 kits on the market -- Wolff, Wilson Combat, Miculek. Any members have any experience with these? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Happy Veterans Day 2021

    Happy Veterans Day to all veterans, NES members or not. Here is a poem we used to recite in grade school, not sure if a lot of people remember it but it always left an impression on me. It was written by Lt. Colonel John McCrea who served with the Canadian army during WWI. In Flanders Fields...
  4. Gun-friendly MA reps / senators?

    Does anyone know of any gun-friendly state reps / senators? I have this crazy idea that MAYBE I could persuade someone to sponsor a bill deregulating adjustable stocks for rifles and shotguns. According to my research an adjustable stock (NOT folding or collapsible) only reduces / expands the...
  5. Legal definition of a rifle

    With regard to Massachusetts law, is there a legal definition for the overall length of what is considered a rifle in Massachusetts? I know the barrel must be at least 16". Thank you.
  6. Fingerprint FU

    A friend applied for a LTC in Boston. He was interviewed and fingerprinted in early May 2021. He called BPD two days ago to find out where his license might be. He was told his application was "on hold" because he had been fingerprinted by the FBI. The reason? He emigrated from England back in...
  7. Fiber optic replacement

    The red fiber optic on my CZ Shadow 2 Blue fell out the other day. Does anyone know off-hand what size rod I should get for replacement? Also, what is the best method for installing so it doesn't fall out again? Thank you.
  8. What to look for in a Python?

    I am seriously considering adding a Colt Python to my collection. I want a blued model with the 4-inch barrel. I am hoping to shoot it, not just stash it in my safe. Are there particular years or ears that are more desirable than others? Are there any issues to be aware of with Pythons? Prices...
  9. New life for ear muffs

    I bought a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport ear muffs 4 years ago. Lately they felt really uncomfortable because the pads that go over the ears had become dry and hard. I was going to buy a new pair on Amazon when I saw you can get replacement pads. So I ordered a pair (gel pads, Prohear...
  10. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Looking for a 20 gauge shotgun for home defense. I am not a hunter or trap shooter. I kind of zeroed in on the Mossberg 590 Persuader. 6+1, 18.5" barrel, looks pretty simple and reliable. The only criticism I found was a problem with the lifter if the gun is dropped hard on its side. Since it...
  11. Thank you Sig Sauer

    I have a Sig P938. It recently stopped functioning properly (failures to chamber, slide not fully retracting when fired). Called Sig on a Thursday, shipped the gun out Friday, got it back the following Wednesday. They replaced the magazines, the sear spring, the recoil spring and tuned up the...
  12. Another Smith another return

    Batting 2 for 3 with Smith & Wesson. First it was a Model 41 (supposed to be top of the line) with a sticky safety and multiple failures to extract. Now its a Model 586 revolver with light strikes all over the place. S&W says 4 to 6 weeks before I get it back. My gunsmith says quality control @...
  13. My first carbine

    I bought this Ruger PC carbine in 9 mm a few weeks ago from my dealer. I have had a chance to put about 100 rounds through it so far, and I love it! Once I figured out a few minor quirks the carbine has performed flawlessly. I put a relatively inexpensive Bushnell red dot sight on it and the...
  14. Alternative to Hoppes

    I like using Hoppes #9 to clean my guns. However I am getting complaints from the family about the smell. Any recommendations for an odor free alternative to Hoppes #9? Thank you.
  15. Holster attachment question

    I have a holster for a Walther P1 that came with the pistol. Can anyone tell me how this holster is supposed to be attached to a belt? Picture attached. Thank you.
  16. You think its hard in MA -- try getting a permit in NYC

    I came across this amusing video about attempting to get a handgun permit in NYC. Thought some of you might enjoy it. Try not to vomit when Bloomberg starts preaching... View:
  17. As seen in BPD News...

    A few months ago I was perusing BPD News and I saw a gun that had been confiscated from some gangbanger in Dorchester that caught my eye. I couldn't ID the gun so I asked the NES community what it was and I found out it was a Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact. The gun intrigued me so I did...
  18. Nice write-up in AARP magazine

    OK I admit it I'm a member of AARP. Got their magazine the other day and there was a nice write-up on the guy that intercepted the Sutherland Springs shooter.
  19. My go-to guy

    Randy is my go-to-guy for transfers and special orders. He is always available to help with out-of-town purchases as well as special orders. Plus he is a wealth of information on all matters gun-related.
  20. Can you ID these guns?

    I was looking at bpdnews and saw a picture of these guns which were confiscated in an arrest. I was wondering if anyone could ID them, especially the gun on the left, as the blurb did not do so. Thank you.
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