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  1. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    You know the old joke -- in the summer time you had better leave your car windows up, otherwise someone may trow some zucchini or summer squash into your car.
  2. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    I used to get results like that, but then the critters got to the sunflowers and would chomp them down before they ever had a chance to get started. Then I stopped trying sunflowers for several years and now my mammoth sunflowers turned out to be dwarf sunflowers [laugh]
  3. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    I'm disappointed in my sunflowers - the seed packet said "Mammoth" sunflowers and they are supposed to be 12'-15' high -- pictured below is the result -- did I get ripped off or is my soil just crappy ?
  4. I shot some machine guns today

  5. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    No idea regarding the variety - we bought the plugs from a local garden center and they were labeled "pickling cukes". They still taste great despite their large size, so I don't think we let them go too long or they'd taste woody. I don't see something of this size fitting in a mason jar for...
  6. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    More bounty from the garden ... these are supposed to be pickling cukes, but they seem much larger than pickling cukes, yet much smaller than traditional cukes.
  7. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Yeah, My children were into the garden until about junior high school, and then they realized gardening is WORK, and then interest started to wane.
  8. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    First of the pickling cukes :
  9. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Garden is coming along ... Kale: Serrano peppers in a pot : Pickling cukes (with the ever so invasive but highly fragrant - and useful- mint in the background) : Cukes: Tomatoes:
  10. Happy 4th of July to all my NES family

    Happy Independence Day and God Bless America ! [iwojima]
  11. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    The Japanese beetles are attacking my basil -- anyone know the quickest, easiest (organic) way to eradicate these pests ?
  12. EPIC: Brazil cuts Gun Control and the idea FALLS APART... The Left won't like this...

    The tide is turning, people are fed up with the B.S. [wink]
  13. At least wait to get off Airport property

    +1 THIS STATE (Commiechusetts) SUCKS.
  14. Linskey H4038 - semi auto ban

    Impossible, they've been cheating in this one party state for decades, ain't gonna happen.
  15. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    This year we have 30 tomato plants (mostly Heirloom Varieties) 8 Hot Cherry Pepper Plants, 2 Serrano pepper plants, 4 pickling cuke plants (growing up a trellis) and the Kale from last year is thriving. The garden is bordered with marigolds (supposed to keep the vermin away) and we have about...
  16. Homesteading Skills

    Yeah, at the Bar we call it a "Boneless Chicken Dinner".
  17. 2022 BET Awards

    I think I'll start a network and call it WET "White Entertainment Network" ! [laugh]
  18. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Not sure if serious ... Unless you mean a "Classic Liberal" which is another term for a conservative [wink]
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