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  1. Optics planet deals!!

    Suggestion if you are looking for accessories even uppers on optics planet OPEN THE LIVE CHAT!! Got a Trijicon SRS Reflex $300 under asking price! It's worth talking to representative had her quote some other bottom line prices on optics and lowers, found a couple good discounts just by asking...
  2. Anyone willing to let me try out a Tavor before I buy?

    I have cash ready to buy but would like to try it out at the range 1st as it is unlike any platform I have used. Of course I would bring my own ammo and offer a gift of Karma for your time and generosity. I am in the Braintree/Canton area willing to travel some if you're free during the day...

    Delete no interest... Yet
  4. Sponsor AMMO2U does not ship to MA....?

    Why does a prominent advertising sponsor on NES say they can not ship to MA because of 'state and local laws'?? When the fact it is LEGAL is a Very common topic on NES even if many choose not to because the state/AG tries to intimidate companies from selling. If you are going to advertise here...
  5. Adjustment of Sig sights -P238

    Anyone have adjustment tool for Sig P238, would be glad to throw some karma your way. Thanks JG
  6. WHY are all Voting threads being locked?? IBTL

    ?? I would have put my last post in an open thread but All locked...
  7. Please GO VOTE!

    I went, there is No one at the polls.... I asked the office if the voting was even there today and said they weren't sure? The polling station was dead compared to presidential where had 15 minute wait, this is just as important as any other election and they think its an automatic Dem. PLUS...
  8. Move and Shoot

    Are there any clubs/ranges that have a setup that will allow tactical pistol, looking for options to move and shoot. Any suggestions are appreciated, Thanks
  9. Why can I buy 4 hats, 4 golf clubs, 4 fishing reels but only 3 boxes of ammo...?

    How can they legally limit purchase of this one product only, does anyone know the legality of a retailer establishing this type of restriction. I know this was done in the past with the release of a new iPhone.. **I know All the reasons we should be boycotting dicks but when no one else has...
  10. A VERY well written opposition letter to NY legislators from Saratoga County Sheriffs

    From Saratoga County Deputy Sheriff's Police Benevolent Association in opposition to the SAFE Act and HOW it was passed. Take the time to read this!! Sheriff?s PBA blasts SAFE ACT - Saratoga Seen - Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County news - - Albany NY
  11. So Cuomo no longer needs any security since NY is safe.... Right?

    What's good for us is good for all... Late night decisions behind closed doors, deadlines for turning in banned mags, destruction of firearms with no passing down or inheritance of firearms.... How do they actually believe this protects from ANY criminal
  12. A LOT of talk about 2A under threat, Gov't policies and collapse of the U.S. *BUT*

    Can we start intelligent discussion about what can be done by the 'common man/woman'. Through our true representatives, action from like minded people that could actually make a difference rather than waiting for the abolishment of our constitution/bill of rights and the death of what this...
  13. Suggestions to add to collection?

    What am I missing, if I'm going to add to my collection. Beyond a 1911/.45 I'm well aware of and don't feel I have a need for. Currently I have- Pistols: Sig 238 & 938 (compact .380&9mm) Glock 19, 27, 23, 32 Basic .22lr Rifle/shotguns: Sig 522 .22LR Sig 556 .223 Sig 556R 7.62 Kel Tec Sub 2000...
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