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  1. Can't log in from iPhone

    I can't log in to NES from my iPhone. I enter my user name, enter password, click LOGIN, and nothing happens. It continues to display the LOG IN in the menu, and indeed I‘m clearly not logged in. When I purposefully mistype either user name or password, I get the expected warnings and failure...
  2. WTS HP StorageWorks DAT 160 USB drive

    This is an external USB drive, purchased brand-new, and was used only in my office for two or three years. It has been in the safe, unused, since 2013. I just now powered it on, popped an old tape in, and it reads correctly so I assume all is well. Make an offer. I'd think ~ $100 to be a...
  3. How to mark all classifieds READ?

    The previous incarnation of forum software made it easy to browse classifieds and then mark ALL CLASSIFIEDS as read. Then continue reading other sections. How can one do that using this new software version? Only thing I've sound so far is a PITA: open WTS handguns, mark it read; go to WTS...
  4. Ibejiheads

    If you have recently done business with Alex Salazar, Ibejiheads, would you mind PMing me? Thanks! EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the responses. Questions answered and resolved.
  5. Has NES always been Google-searchable?

    I realized this morning that Google crawls and indexes NES and that (apparently) all posts here are publicly readable. Has this always been true and I've simply been unaware?
  6. Expired SSL certificate?

    I connect to NES using FYI, looks like the SSL certificate expired 6/18. My browser keeps kvetching about it. Yes, I know I can set it to ignore the error.
  7. Is no-fly list cross-linked to gun purchases?

    The following is a direct quote from this NRA page. Can anyone speak to the truth of "Under the current system, law enforcement is notified every time a person on the [no-fly] list attempts to purchase a firearm"? "The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action issued the...
  8. What are the black arrows and green blobs?

    What is the significance of the black arrow(s) and green blob(s) under user names in each post? Like these . . .
  9. Please recommend gunsmith to tune/tame extraction on a Sig P220

    I'm located in southern Worcester County. If you can recommend a gunsmith known for their outstanding work on Sig Sauer P-series handguns, I'll be most appreciative. I have a P220 that could benefit from their ministrations. With all off-the-shelf ammo I've shot, it launches brass into near...
  10. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association: Possible to visit briefly re possible membership?

    Who might I contact about visiting Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association briefly as prelude to making a membership application? Looks like an okay place, but it would be helpful to see. Thanks in advance for the help. Appreciated!
  11. Purchase handgun from person recently moved to MA?

    A friend recently moved from a "free state" to Massachusetts. He owns two handguns and actually has the original bills of sale/receipts for the purchases. The "free state" required no license, and he legally owned and possessed the firearms in that state. He has now moved to MA, has acquired...
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