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  1. A Few Karmas for Local Pick Up - North Shore

    Karma closed, thank you.
  2. A Few Karmas for Local Pick Up - North Shore

    I have the following that might be of interest for pick up in Marblehead, MA, free. - Icom LC-192 backpack for use with the IC-705 QRP rig. Backpack only, new, please don't jump on this unless you run a 705 as this pack is more or less purpose-built for this radio. - Unknown mfg. G5RV HF...
  3. Portable Fun

    I was on the hunt for a set of spacers / bushings for a transportable HF vertical I've been building out with no luck unless I wanted to order them to my specs, kinda pricey. I ended up getting a 3D printer off of Amazon this weekend and have been playing around with it, yes, there is a...
  4. Boat question - local dealer or BPS showroom?

    I see those guys on a professional level about twice a year or so going back many many moons, and Hugh has always treated me with the utmost respect and fairness. I suppose it might not be safe to assume he and Joe deal with the customers in the same manner, but for most people you can pretty...
  5. Boat question - local dealer or BPS showroom?

    So, I completely agree. Hugh and Joe are solid guys, glad to hear you had a good experience.
  6. Boat question - local dealer or BPS showroom?

    A decent shop is worth a recommendation. Where do you go for service?
  7. Call me GENERAL N1USD !!!!!

    Congrats on the General, nice job!
  8. Portable Fun

    Very interested to hear how you make out with this project, especially if there’s lots of programming, command line stuff, etc. involved. The inclusion of WinLink would be so nice especially if it’s not too klunky. Also, the 705 is a great radio, no? It’s a keeper for sure.
  9. Anyone have an ICOM ID-52 handheld?

    I've been side-eying one of these as well. If I can get over the not-insignificant price hurdle I might have to take a ride up to HRO in NH for a closer look.
  10. DB 750-X reading “busy” no audio. Troubleshooting.

    If you strike out with the main unit, instead of getting another, consider looking around for a used Icom / Yaesu / Kenwood / Alinco (in that order, in my opinion) dual band mobile. They can be had at decent prices although not all are PC programmable. I’ve spent way too much money on the mid...
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