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  1. A Few Karmas for Local Pick Up - North Shore

    I have the following that might be of interest for pick up in Marblehead, MA, free. - Icom LC-192 backpack for use with the IC-705 QRP rig. Backpack only, new, please don't jump on this unless you run a 705 as this pack is more or less purpose-built for this radio. - Unknown mfg. G5RV HF...
  2. Any way to disable this annoying hover pop-up?

    It blocks the titles of posts above or below. I use an IPad with Firefox primarily, have not confirmed that this occurs on a regular desktop.
  3. Who Are These People, Anyways?

    Sorry if it's a dupe. It's as valid for Maine as anywhere. Two organizations with interesting names are making a play on your Second Amendment rights in Maine: Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and Everytown for Gun Safety. But before...
  4. Rack Mount Enclosure - Free

    Please delete. Thank you.
  5. New Karma Posted
  6. Oddball Question on LTC Expiration, Renewal

    My LTC-A was up for renewal in mid February. About a week before expiration I met with the officer in my town who handles firearms licensing (I made the appointment a month or more prior), filed the application and did the fingerprint drill. No issues expected, all went normally. I...
  7. FFL Recommendation - MA North Shore

    I'm in a bit of a bind here and hopefully somebody can set me straight. My wonderful bride hooked me up with enough Cabela's gift certs to pick up the subcompact I had been eying. The Scarboro, ME store is picked pretty well clean with none in stock. I ordered from Cabela's 800 number, said...
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