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  1. What's next?

    I wanted to start another thread regarding our due process. First off without Goal, Comm 2A we would totally be in the shitter. Thank you guys for fighting and protecting our rights! Goal thank you for a well organized rally this past weekend and other past events. How we can get more...
  2. Call Rosenberg , DeLeo today!

    Please make sure you call today! Stanley Rosenberg Office of the President 617-722-1500 Robert A. DeLeo Office of the speaker 617-722-2500 As we all know keep calling your local state senator , and local state rep.
  3. AWB YouTube videos

    I figured I start a thread for videos regarding the AWB in Mass. Keep NES informed and post your own videos. Please feel free to post any videos from YouTube or other sources. There is a lot of support for the fallen Commonwealth out there.
  4. Please sign petition to Maura Healey!

    Lets bring some heat to Charlie's and Healeys asses! Please pass this on to others to sign!
  5. Sks vs Highpoint 4595

    So here is the dilemma. I have a chance to trade a HighPoint 4595 for a SKS and cash their way. Also so with my trade I am giving him three mags and 100 rounds of ammo. The Sks has two stocks. The original and after market similar to the pic below. The aftermarket is a little darker. Guy was...
  6. NFL Player, He is strapped and his guns are legal

    Another law abiding citizen believing in his god given rights! Look at his stockpile....Drool
  7. Controversial "Guns Everywhere Bill"

    Wondering if Mass would pass this, lol
  8. Sig p938 looking to purchase

    Looking to get a new toy. Looking at the Sig P938. i don't want the P238. Want something ideal to carry in warmer months. Carry Sr9c and want to get something a little smaller. Chances of me finding a XDM 45 is looking slim . Usually the markup is outrageous also. How much are you guys...
  9. 30 Influential Pro-Gun Rights Advocates
  10. Kansas 2A Protection act

    Good for you Kansas! "The second amendment to the constitution of the United States reserves to the people, individually, the right to keep and bear arms as that right was understood at the time that Kansas was admitted to statehood in 1861, and the guaranty of that right is a matter of contract...
  11. Have my gun, my pen, and voice to be heard!

    Soon we will all not have these privileges. Today is a sad day because Conn. Is trying to push these same laws ro a state near you! Evil liberal media is over the air ways. Spewing us to the ground. What about mental health? No..we don't want to single these poor people out. Let's stick to...
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