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  1. Gew98M

    Up for grabs is my 1904 Spandau GEW98. This was reworked by Germany for WW2 as evident by the upgraded sight and waffen stamps. Price is 800 OBO, will use EFA10 if you make the ride to Bristol County area. Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. WTS Mosin Nagant 91/30 *Price Drop*

    Selling my wartime production Izvhesk. Still has the cosmoline on it. Comes with bayonet and surplus gear (oiler, sling, mag pouch, cleaning kit). Price is 350, and if you make it to me I'll use an EFA-10. Located in Bristol County.
  3. SOLD VZ58 Black Polymer Furniture

    Complete set minus screw for pistol grip. I also have a cheek rest by doublestar(circled in red), will fit the ACE AK stock. 80 bucks.
  4. SOLD VZ58 Straight Stock Adapter

    Selling a like new Stormwerkz Vz-58 Stock Adapter, Type 3, Straight 30 bucks and it's yours. Comes with all hardware needed.
  5. WTB Milsurps

    Send me what you got. Mainly interested in WW1 and WW2 Era weapons.
  6. Looking for a C93

    Located in Bristol County, have a M1A Loaded if interested in that .
  7. WTS SOLD M1A Loaded with Preban Mags + Ammo

    M1A Loaded, comes with 2 preban mags, the factory 10 round mag, ammo and a M2 Bipod. I've put maybe 50 rounds down the barrel then put it in the safe. If you want more pictures or have questions feel free to reach out. Located in Bristol County and have EFA10 forms to use. Asking 1700 OBO
  8. WTB Colt SAA

    Looking for a Colt SAA, have trades available if interested.
  9. Selling Bare Bones S&W Upper (SOLD)

    Alright, so I moved back to MA and brought a BCM upper with me to slap on my Pre Healey M&P. I've seen what legal uppers/lowers go for here so for those of you who are now broke holding some old ass lower with no barrel to go pew with here ya go. Like I said bare bones, no forward assist, BCG...
  10. AK Parts kit

    Looking to scoop up someones ak parts kits.

    Located in Bristol County but will drive a reasonable distance.
  12. WTB Lever actions in 38/357

    Looking for a lever gun in 38/357, only interested in those with a walnut stock and blued steel. Thank you.
  13. SOLD

    Selling my Type 14 Nambu, this is probably one of the best examples your gonna find out there. It comes with the matching magazine to the pistol, an immaculate clamshell holster that has Japanese characters as well as the cleaning rod. Looking to sell in Bristol County, but can and will travel a...
  14. WTB M1A Scout Squad

    Looking for one preferably in walnut, but open to any. I have cash or plenty of trades, willing to drive a fair distance. Have valid LTC and I'll wear 5 masks as well as drink a gallon of hand sanitizer prior to meeting. Trying to work something out before Sleepy Joe wakes up and realizes he's...
  15. WTB S&W Model 29

    Looking to buy a model 29, blued not stainless. Not so much interested in the originals going for 2k, more interested in the newer products. Got stuff to put towards trade as well. Located in Bristol county and have all the good guy creds to make it up to snuff so no worries about Healey kicking...
  16. Big Ol Pelican Case

    Brought this back from deployment years ago off our LAV, used it to move my tools around throughout my moves. Finally static and no longer moving, so no longer need it. Fit my table saw, chop saw and plenty of other tools for a perspective. Great for guns, ammo, fishing stuff, clothes, pirate...
  17. Anyone here know of good knife making classes in MA?

    Just moved back to MA from VA, while in VA I belonged to a Vet run program for Vets that taught blacksmithing/knife making. Really enjoyed it and looking to get back into something like that, anyone know of any similar programs or good classes here in MA?
  18. Just moved back to MA, sharing some helpful info for Vets.

    So as you can read just moved back here, did a 5 year stint in the Marines and spent some time in VA afterwards. First off, wow has this state gotten way worse. What the hell, wasnt it bad enough? I recently learned of a program offered here called "The Welcome Home Bonus", it is geared towards...
  19. WTB M1A Scout

    Not interested in the Tanker/SOCOM models or any composite stocks. Just looking for a Scout in a Walnut stock. I have plenty of things to add towards a trade or we can also talk cash. Located in Bristol County, MA but willing to travel a reasonable distance to make a deal. Things I have towards...
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