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  1. Delaware bans assault weapons and high cap mags.

    Ban on sales of assault-style weapons to become law in Delaware In short, the ban has a two or more features test like Maryland. Magazines over 17 rounds are also illegal.
  2. Army chooses Sig Sauer to build Next Generation Squad Weapon.

    Army chooses Sig Sauer to build its Next Generation Squad Weapon
  3. School me on AK's.

    I'm looking to get one but don't know too much about them. Can any of you AK guys (or gals) help me out? My budget is roughly $1100.
  4. Rear sight keeps walking loose.

    My 590A1 SPX rear sight starts loosening after 12 shots or so and has to be retightened by hand. What's the best way to fix this?
  5. Another gem from Salon

    I can almost feel the guy having an aneurysm writing this article. Youuuuu might be a gun nut if . . .
  6. Another shooting in Canada

    4 dead, including 2 police officers. Fredericton shooting: 2 police officers among 4 killed in Canada city - CNN
  7. NRA alleges financial difficulties in New York lawsuit.

    NRA alleges financial difficulties in New York lawsuit
  8. 7 dead in Australia mass shooting.

    Surprised nobody's posted this yet. 7 dead including 4 children in Australia's worst mass shooting in 22 years
  9. Here we go again. Let's take bets on how far this goes before getting axed. [thinking]
  10. Democrats deceiving voters on gun control. Pretty good article on how the current gun control push is just a Democratic charade to score brownie points with the liberal wing of the party.
  11. 9 dead in biker shooting in Waco, Texas.

  12. Demographics and politics of gun-owning households. Thought this was interesting.
  13. Bloomberg to rate candidates in midterms.
  14. Gun control advocates to deliver 2.5 million postcards Oh look, another glorified internet petition. That'll show 'em. [rolleyes]
  15. Add Chili's and Sonic to the list. [thinking]
  16. The Santa Barbara Massacre: 4 blunt points Paul Barrett chimes in again.
  17. Supreme Court won't rule on carrying guns in public. That sucks.
  18. Bloomberg plans a $50 million challenge to the NRA. Because the last $15 million he spent worked so well and all. [rofl]
  19. Bob Costas still a d-bag.
  20. US Firearm Production Sets Record in 2012. 825,000 AR-15's produced, not including Remington, Bushmaster, or Ruger.
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