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  1. Collectible Firearms in Merrimack, New Hampshire

    went again today. Picked up 1000 .223 PMC for 389$. Good experience as usual.
  2. Collectible Firearms in Merrimack, New Hampshire

    Went there today. They had good supply of ammo. All different kinds. Picked up some 7.62x54r. Prices were good. 190 for 880 rounds of 7.62x54r. 440$ for 1000 rounds of 5.56 PMC I believe. The Russian man behind the counter and the other employee were very polite and helpful. Will go again.
  3. Stag Arms leaving CT.

    Im with you. Im in north eastern ct, and cannot wait to leave. Main reason, cant find a job. Graduated uconn 4 years go; not one interview for a job. CT led the way in job loses last month, -5700. Cali added 41k jobs; even RI gained jobs. Hoping for a job in MA (I know, but their employment rate...
  4. scope ident.

    are you saying its a camera? Could be. On the right of the scope it looks like its got a folding lens protector. - - - Updated - - - I dont know what gun that is either. I looked up russian weapons with closed front sights, but none look like that.
  5. scope ident.

    pics of syria. Looks like a scope from a game or something. - 85 High quality photos from the Syria War (2013)
  6. CT Carry Secures CT State Police OPEN Carry training document.

    nice, hope to follow you up there. Im in pomfret now.
  7. CT Carry Secures CT State Police OPEN Carry training document.

    where are you going? I live right down the road from you. Trying so bad to leave too. No jobs here; we led the country in job loses last month, -5700. I graduated uconn 4 years ago and havent gotten an interview yet. I have to commute to boston now to go to school. Learned my lesson, dont go to...
  8. scope ident.

  9. scope ident.

    what scope is this? [/URL]
  10. NJ bill aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo

    ban gas, pretty much means banning cars... banning ammo, means banning guns, in other words
  11. NJ bill aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo
  12. Kalashnik-off: Army rejects legendary rifle
  13. flash hiders

    i emailed a guy named jeff. do you mean big tom?
  14. flash hiders

    thanks, NGX said the same thing when I sent them a link to that gun to see if I could buy it here.
  15. flash hiders

    Can someone explain why there are a ton of AR15s with birdcage flash hiders for sale at like every gunshop in CT, but this AK74 with a birdcage flash hider is illegal?

    did you notice any better prices in NH, for guns that is? I didnt realize jojos was close to newington. Ill have to stop down there when I go back to NGX, to browse.

    What is Jojo's like; do they sell alot of AK rifles, or is just mainly a pistol shop? I know their website doesnt provide an inventory. I only go to newington gun exchange and like I said, its mainly AR15s for assault rifles. Just want to see if other gun shops offer anything else. Also, how...

    nice, where do you find these great finds. I go to newington gun exchange and only see AR15s.
  19. Connecticut high capacity magazine ban Connecticut man allegedly threatens legislator over ammo bill
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