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  1. Rifle Gunsmith

    Dave is awesome - Santurri, Ltd.
  2. Disregard

    Both have excellent pricing, the same pricing. They are a master dealer and price aggressively.
  3. Disregard

    Shooters Outpost has excellent pricing on Sig.
  4. New Firearms Acquisition Thread July 2022

    Colt Woodsman Match Target and a S&W 586. The Colt is tough to photograph - it get crazy reflections.
  5. Ghost Gunner 3 now mills 0% lowers

    I'm wondering how long it will take before the GG3 can make something like a Sig 320 FCU.
  6. Gun clubs in/near Merrimack, N.H.

    Nashua Fish and Game and Pelham are both nice.
  7. Best 1911's - Top Tier - Looking for recommendations

    I think there are really a few perspectives to consider when deciding what you want. First and foremost is budget and a more in depth understanding of what you want in terms of the gun and who/why does the work. Your goals are typically going to fall somewhere on a two axis spectrum. Axis 1...
  8. WTS WTS: Pre-Healey Rock River Arms AR-15

    Bump & price drop
  9. FN 509 MRD-LE Selected As The New LAPD Duty Pistol

    Not really... A lot of Sig's out of the box triggers are absolutely trash. Bruce Gray makes them incredible. Virtually everyone hates Glock's triggers until some work is done - they are really mushy and not overly predictable. It seems like an aspect of typical carry guns to me.
  10. FN 509 MRD-LE Selected As The New LAPD Duty Pistol

    As an example, MA compliant guns have something like a 10+ pound trigger. Liberal areas seem to love guns that are really difficult to shoot well. I am definitely serious.
  11. FN 509 MRD-LE Selected As The New LAPD Duty Pistol

    Isn't that the point? Either a 15lb trigger or something so awful the gun becomes less dangerous to anyone it is pointed at...
  12. WTS WTS: Pre-Healey Rock River Arms AR-15

    I'm trying to help my father, who lives in MA, sell a few things he doesn't use anymore. This will be a private transfer in MA. First up is an AR-15. Rock River Arms DCM AR-15 with the original style roll mark - Rock River Arms 2 stage trigger that feels great! - Rear sight is pinned to...
  13. What do you use for a gun safe?

    I have a Liberty Revolution. The truth of it is the choice of a safe isn't the most significant decision. Have you watched how break into safes? More important are having it fixed to the floor and then having the structure of the house around the safe (e.g. in a tight closest). Real security...
  14. New 2020 Python

    The old ones are really good, but they aren't as good as people "remember". The old ones also finicky and have a range of issues such as maintaining timing.
  15. New Acquisitions January 2021 - Firearms only and Happy New Gear!

    That was one of the first guns I learned to shoot as a kid. It is a really nice revolver.
  16. ARFCOM is down, booted from GoDaddy

    The whois information shows Network Solutions (DNS) The IP appears to be Cloud Flare
  17. I hate the urge to sell what with the crazy $$$.

    I've sold a few guns over the years. Typically, I make pretty good money when selling. I only really miss a few of them. A few others would be nice to see again as well. One of my best sales were several 1911s (a Colt Gov S70 & SS Kimber Match Target) while on the way out of MA. They weren't on...
  18. Do you save the box?

    Yup, I save boxes for guns and watches.
  19. I need to join a club, Southern NH

    FYI - Pelham has many of the same types of rules. Also, they will violate you for taking pictures on the range (or at least they would have a few years ago). I also think being able to draw from a speed holster for action shooting would be really nice. I would like to get back into action, but...
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