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  1. WTS WTS German KSK commando jacket L/XL

    Location: S. Worcester County Massachusetts Bought brand new, wore once, authentic KSK commando jacket. Loads of pockets, rugged material, all intact. Flecktarn patten. Size is German XL which is more like a L to XL American size. No accessories Terms: $175.00 which is what it cost me...
  2. WTS Smith and Wesson model 41 in 22lr

    WTS late 1950's, to the best of my knowledge, Smith and Wesson model 41 22lr pistol with about 10 factory magazines. Shoots great. Blue finish with wood grips, thumb rest on left side for a right hand shooter. I believe the barrel length is 7.5". $1200.00 firm. No price quibbling. Cash only...
  3. WTS Sig P220 45acp SAS Carry model

    WTS, cash only, not trades, will not break up package. Sig P220 SAS Carry 3.9" barrel, Hogue grips, night sights, seems to be out of the Sig Custom Shop. 3 stainless steel 8rd magazines. Extremely nice shooter. $1150.00 Firm. No quibbling. I bought it brand new IIRC in 2016 and since then...
  4. WTS Uzi Carbine

    found some more items for it.
  5. WTS Uzi Carbine

    Update: Just found three 25rd old mags for the 9mm kit and some of the original IMI blue and white box "carbine" ammo-black tip. These would all be included in the sale. Thanks.
  6. WTS WTS 12 Gauge shotgun slugs & buckshot plus some 5.56 ammo

    Up for sale is a number of items. I'll do my best to describe them. South African 5.56 ammo brown battle packs. 300rds to a pack. $225.00 each (averages to 75 cents per round). Next, mega assortment of shotgun slugs and buckshot: 10 boxes of Nobel Sport OO Law Enforcement Buchshot 12...
  7. WTS Arsenal SLR105 AK74 style rifle with extras-SOLD

    Just sold. Please mark accordingly. Up for sale is an Arsenal of Bulgaria imported by KVar, Las Vegas, NV in 5.45X39 Russian caliber $4000.00 firm, no negotiation,, cash only. Must have LTC type A No pictures-no camera-same as on the net except for a ergo pistol grip (the stock one was...
  8. WTS Uzi Carbine

    WTS Uzi Carbine. I'm sure it's a type B. $3500.00 cash only, no trades, must have Type A LTC. No pictures-no camera-same as on the net. S. Worcester County. You come to me, I'm partially disabled. Receiver stamped 45acp. Comes with three 16rd 45acp mags. 9mm conversion kit included (bolt...
  9. WTS: DLO STEN Mk II 9mm with lots of extras-SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    WTS DLO tube gun, STEN MkII with spare parts kit, over 10 regular 30rd magazines, 7 fifty round Lanchaster magazines, webbing, sling and some Euro mfg full power ammo. $8000.00 cash, no trades, no price discussion. On a Form 4 registered with BATFE. Must have LTC type A and MA MG permit. This...
  10. FNX45

    For all the non believers out there, now you know why companies in general will not warrant a pistol problem arising out of the use of handloads. After reading this diatribe, I don't blame them. Beretta got into a six digit lawsuit some years back arising out of handloads used in a 92fs.
  11. Blue Northern Trading - Going Out Of Business Sale Today, Tomorrow, and Saturday

    I know of someone interested but the asking price for inventory was way over ridiculous. $125,000.00
  12. Plymouth Gun Show Oct 4-5

    Went Saturday early afternoon. Could be it was the greatest waste of my time so far this millenium.
  13. Gun Room, Shrewsbury, MA

    Because Derrick has an excellent sense of humor.
  14. Mike's Gun Shop?

    Very nice clean place. Mike is friendly and helpful as always. It's a growing business. Should do well in this area.
  15. Gun Room, Shrewsbury, MA

    Bought a Sig P228 a few months ago and a Remington 1911 .45 last Saturday from the gun room. 100% satisfied. Great guys. Dealt with John and Pat. Can't get better than them.
  16. Mike's Gun Shop?

    Mike took over Arshag's place. Going there in a few minutes. Will let you know how it pans out.
  17. Manchester NH Gun Show

    Got there sunday at noon time and just walked right in. No lines. Riley's tables had excellent prices on 9mm and .45acp defensive ammo. Bought a bit of that. Lots of ammo and magazines in general. Tons of AR-15 items. SCAR17/h magazines in huge supply. Prices on just about everything...
  18. Precision Armament Werks, Franklin MA

    Went there for the first time last night. Very positive experience. Got some magpul anti tilt followers and and 5.56 NATO ammo. Will be back. Nice, friendly and knowledgable people.
  19. Zero Hour Arms

    Great guys to do business with, great shop, great guns.......fantastic place to go. Highly recommended.
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