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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Got some- Thanks!
  2. Stern defense, looking for those with experience

    I have the mag adapter paired with a Stern Defense upper. System works great, no issue with function. Only issue I have is a reliable Last Round Hold Open with some mags. My old Korean metal 33 rounds mags, not so much luck staying open, but new 10 and most of my prebans work great. Mag...
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I had an order stolen off my porch- 500 rounds of 9mm & 200 .38spcl... TSUSA replaced the order with proof of a police report
  4. How do you store your AR uppers?

    I got some in a hard case with lots of Silica Gel Packs.
  5. Talk to me about skydiving in MA or NH

    I did two tandem jumps in RI 25 years ago (before kids!!), awesome time! Unforgettable, but as stated previously get the video!! Glad I did it and I wouldn't talk anyone out of jumping, but as for me- been there, done that! A buddy and I were seriously thinking about getting instruction and...
  6. Has Anyone Used Federal Syntech 9mm Luger Ammo 150 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket Ammo?

    Great out of my Sig 320X5 and Glock 17 in IDPA matches
  7. First Gun Purchase, how did you start your collection?

    My first- .357 go big or go home! S&W 686
  8. Westport-Officer accidently shoots himself at Westport gun range

    Guns don't shoot people... Cops shoot people!
  9. If You go to the Range .... Just Dont' Accidentally Shoot Yourself in the Face

    This is serious! I find these comments to be too cheeky! Keep it up NES!
  10. Shotgun suggestion

    All about the ammo- birds, deer or two legged predators! View:
  11. Deals and steals

    Damn, I just bought these from JoeBob last night [frown]
  12. How to identify and correct this aiming problem

    Hang the target upside down! Problem solved! Sorry, I have nothing useful to contribute
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