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  1. Play the game....

    Ok, here's how it will work: I'm going to put a scenario below, I don't care where you live, it applies to you and your home/family. In detail, ONLY with what you actually have available come up with a plan. I will change the details and situations as we go forward, so be ready to update your...
  2. 223 load data

    I was on the Hodgdon web site, getting some 223 data to mess around with, and I came across this... Cartridge: 223 Remington Load Type: Rifle Starting Loads -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Loads...
  3. U.S. Intel: Iran Planning Nuclear Strike on U.S.? We should just fry them now!
  4. .GOV buying up all the storage food... Scary!

    This doesn't look good, they're getting ready for something BIG!

    Interesting article from Emergency Essentials If there is enough interest, I might be willing to put together a little demo on how to bulk pack LTS (long term storage) food in 5 gallon buckets....
  6. G.H.B (Get Home Bag)

    To me, a GHB is something you keep in your vehicle at all times, that has enough supplies to get you home from distances you would likely find yourself from home on a regular basis. It should also be setup as something that in the worse case scenario, you can leave your vehicle where it sits...
  7. AR-15 Lower Receiver Assembly video

    AR-15 Lower Receiver Assembly video (.wmv 45 MB)
  8. The Barack Obama Double Standard

    The Barack Obama Double Standard
  9. Inova lights Anyone have any experience with these lights?
  10. Great day out yesterday

    No, I didn't get a deer, and to be honest I didn't even see any sign. That was due to the HUGE coyote population in the area I went. The place was literally covered in coyote tracks, and I was following one for some time before I lost his fresh tracks in with all the others. I tracked 2 sets of...
  11. Important reminder for all hunters...

    Kind of long, but worth it...
  12. AR builds

    I've been looking around, and while I would like to build one from scratch, I seem to be able to get a better deal on a complete lower that I am able to purchase a stripped lower and a parts kit. Is this generally the case, or am I just looking at the wrong sites?
  13. Home defense 223 ammo

    What does everyone recommend?
  14. Silver Bullet Gun Oil... I think our hero's over in the sandbox all need to start using this!
  15. New York Times Says It Violated Policies Over MoveOn Ad This should end the debate on the motivation for liberal media bias!!!!
  16. Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic

    Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic Some good info here!
  17. 223

    Anyone here use IMR4895 for loading 223? Hogdon lists it in their reloading guide as an acceptable powder, and gives loads throughout the bullet weights. Just wondering how it works. It would be nice to be able to use the same powder for 308 and 223. Thanks
  18. Tax free weekend

    I can't find it online, but I heard on the radio that the weekend of Aug 11th is going to be our tax free weekend. Can anyone confirm this?
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