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  1. AR in x39?

    Who the fugg pays $1700 for am M+M? I just got an email today from Palmetto (sorry Ma**h***s) with one of their own, well reviewed AKs for $699. Who pays Galil ACE money for an M+M?
  2. Do i want an ar 10

    If you build it, they will come.
  3. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Ordered a Nightforce C610 today. Picked up an Aimpoint Comp M4s while at the store. Expensive day today.
  4. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    If I decide to build an AR 10, I will go the 6.5 Kardashian route. Ammo is everywhere now, a tad less than .308 for match stuff, it recoils less and the round performs better. And I really, really need another rifle (yeah, right).
  5. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    Love it. You do that rifle justice, you hear me? Make it epic, iconic, and clone correct.
  6. 7.62x51 / 308 Semi-auto options

    Activate the full Rhodesian light infantry mode! FAL or bust.
  7. Value "Precision" rifle, which one?

    Honestly? Everybody will tell you about Savage being the most accurate OOB. That is true only to a certain extent. You'll get better results with a stock rifle from Steyr. The SSG69 is a phenomenal shooter, although somewhat dated (but so is the REM 700). Thei SSG04 is a great shooter as well...
  8. Need to shed .3 ounces.

    Get front serrations, if possible. Win/win.
  9. Ar15 complete upper

    So, what you're basically saying is that you hate America and freedom. Hmmm.
  10. Ar15 complete upper

    If 1K is your budget, then go straight to the BCM website, find someone in NH to receive, and you're all set.
  11. Glock MOS

    I have the very same setup on my 17, but with the rmr06. The Vogel puts the OEM trigger to shame.
  12. Sauer rifles

    They used to make the finest drillings in the world, and their double barreled rifles are second only to H&H.
  13. Pulling a savage out of retirement

    better be a bigass torso.
  14. Does anyone carry the bigger Sigs, P226, P225, P229 etc?

    P2022 or 229 in OWB. The sigpro gets carried way more. My favorite piece.
  15. Springfield Armory TRP or TRP Operator

    Rails on 1911 make my pancreas curl into a fetal position and my toe nails fall out.
  16. Kel-Tec RDB

    The biggest drawback of a bull pup is that tac reloads are practically impossible (says the guy who served with a FAMAS)
  17. Sig 226 and 220

    Oh, is that so?
  18. BCG issue

    You rang?
  19. Complete uppers with Seekins HG $390
  20. Ar-15 combustion by-products on bolt

    Gas system problems? The only thing that's plausible, to me anyway.
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