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  1. Need advice on fixed blade knife

    Contact GPP on this board. He made the one knife I will take to my grave. 1/4" of O1 tool steel, stays sharp forever and is virtually indestructible. I'm sure he could work with a design of yours, and he won't rape your wallet.
  2. Khukuri Knife

    Famous Gurkha Knives (Best Sellers) of all time | KHHI nepal There ya go. Original British issue, latest model, $70. Handmade from a truck spring, from the real guys. Accept no substitute. If it's good enough for the crazy little fellas from the regiment, it sure is good enough for you.
  3. Peoples thoughts on Bowie knives

    The Bowie knife was never intended to be a usefull tool. Read up on the history of it, and also on Jim Bowie. He was a knife fighter, and killed men who were using pistols, with his knife. The Bowie knife is a fighting knife, always has been and was conceived as one. Sincerely, that looks like...
  4. Knife Forum on NES?

    Knives... One of my favorite subjects. I own a Kershaw Lyft. Nice folder. I cut cardboard boxes open with it. I own a Kershaw Camp 10. It's alright to take it camping and baton firewood. I own a CRKT Dragon with a Wharncliff grind, that I keep on my fighting rig (lol) for little more than...
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