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  1. finally, im logged in!

    What team? We had a member from ST2 here several years ago.
  2. Our Son

    Refusal to train? Where I come from, that’ll get you punched in the teeth and kicked in the breadbasket until you change your mind and your morale improves. Hell, I got ellbowed on the nose during basic for a salute that wasn’t as nice as the adjudant would’ve liked it.
  3. Field Jackets

    I think I still have my dress uniform with all the Christmas tree bullshit on it, at my brother’s house. It’s in one of these zip locked bags that accommodate a hanger. My kepi should be in there too. My medals drowned in a flood in my parent’s basement in the 90ies. Never bothered replacing...
  4. Air Force graduation

    A gold plated joystick? Cot sized satin sheets?
  5. Pre-deployment “Stocking Stuffers”

    The cold steel recon in S35VN is an excellent folder for the $$$. Get him a decent lightweight pair of binos. Check with him if his IFAK is complete, and make sure he's got a quality TQ. And... Stool softener. Try to eat MREs for a few days and take a dump after that.
  6. For you airborne guys

    How many jumps? Me? 178, static line only, all between 400 and 700 meters. Some water landings, only a dozen or so helicopter jumps, the rest was transal. 2 malfunctions with reserve chute pull. Zip, zilch, zero combat jumps. What about you guys?
  7. SGM FISETTE - Phony War Hero and JROTC Instructor

    Well, if he claims that those are French wings, he got that mixed up. The ones in my avatar are French wings. The ones he's wearing are German gold wings (50+ jumps). I've known MANY active German paratroopers (2 garrisons within 20 miles from my home: Lebach and Saarlouis), and none of the made...
  8. Care Package - question for grunts

    Porn is a terrible, terrible idea. After a while on outpost, surrounded by guys, you just stop thinking about getting laid. Using porn just keeps reminding you that there's no pussy around, and it'll put you in a foul mood. You just make it harder for yourself (!). I myself always appreciated...
  9. Vietnam Moving Wall - Patriot's Place - Nov. 8-12, 2018

    Linger not, stranger; shed no tear; Go back to those who sent us here. We are the young they drafted out To wars their folly brought about. Go tell those old men, safe in bed, We took their orders and are dead.
  10. Army/Marines want more from their recruits.

    Honestly? The Legion has its own way to deal with those people. One of two things: 1) the team in Aubagne, where the selection happens, notices that you're a daisy. You're lucky, you just get sent home. No explanation, no way back in. Just go away. 2) you manage to fool the people in the 1st RE...
  11. What is the worst Detail you ever had in the Military?

    Digging corpses out of the ruins of the Drakkar, Beirut/Lebanon, 10/25/1983.
  12. Dumb-asses in the Military

    Using my ruck as a rest for my rifle and shooting holes in my socks/underwear. I saw two guys fencing with cleaning rods, which resulted in an Italian comrade almost losing an eye.
  13. Field Op Gear Essentials/Non-Essentails - Whats in YOUR ILBE (or Seabag)?

    In case the USMC doesn't issue them (the legion does): condoms.
  14. A general's retirement ceremony

    Thought I leave this here. Sumbitch might be a general, but he sure can carry a tone.
  15. U.S. Marines Teach Japanese Forces How to Fight From the Sea

    If you need to learn, might as well learn from the best. Amphibious shit is what Marines originally did. And they're still pretty darn good at it.
  16. Until Valhalla, Brothers

    Norse prayer dating back to the first century. Lo, There do I see my Father Lo, There do I see my Mother and My Brothers and my Sisters Lo, There do I see the line of my people back to the beginning Lo, They do call to me They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla...
  17. Our younger generation of Veterans

    I don't have to tell you how it feels when the past stops by for a visit in the middle of the night. The bad dreams come less frequently with the years, but every time I think I'm done with them, they come back, for no obvious reason. Is it any different for you?
  18. Service List

    Sure is. I was the big guy covering the exit door and cash registers.
  19. Combat rations of 20 armies around the world

    Yep, all that stuff SOUNDS good... Until you're suposed to eat it. Or shit it out, for that matter. I remember a couple of severe cases of constipation in the field. After sniper school, we were allowed to put our own food together, so cans of ravioli and cassoulet it was. Those beans in the...
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