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  1. Shotgun lights and mounts.

    Any recommendations? Mossberg 590A1.
  2. Washington police chief will not enforce new laws that infringe on the second.

    "A local police chief in Washington state says he won’t enforce newly passed gun regulations that he claims “infringe” on the second amendment." Washington police chief says he won't enforce stricter gun laws that 'infringe' on citizens' rights
  3. Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War

    Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War In its settlement with Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed the government admitted that semi-automatic firearms below .50 caliber are not weapons of war. Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War | Breitbart
  4. A prime example of why gun control is Bullshi#
  5. meh

  6. Rifle Range

    Any updates on this? Is it in the making or no? Just curious. Thanks.
  7. Noir Nails It. If any of you guys can step up and say it as eloquently as he does feel free...
  8. Locked threads and Banned members...

    Surely, I'm not the only one here that will read a thread just because it's locked right? Or read the last post(s) of somebody that has been banned, right? Yeah or Nay?
  9. OWB Kydex holsters

    With belt clips, not loops. I need an OWB Kydex holster that I can put on and take off quickly, without undoing my belt. Any suggestions?
  10. Former NFL Quarterback running for Congress hosts gun fundraiser

  11. Couple mugged by girl gang. Read it.
  12. Tulsa Chipotle Kicks out MDA for Rude Behavior [smile][laugh]
  13. Mexican troops invading Arizona border

    Actual news. Where is the MSM on this?
  14. Epic battle scenes.

    I'll start. This is good too. Have at it.
  15. Carry at Home.

    I carry at home all the time. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't. For those of you that don't could you please explain?
  16. Islamic Terrorists Disguised As Iraqi Refugees? No attention.
  17. Armed Patrol Groups

    This is interesting. Discuss...
  18. Best Camo...

    For this specific area (NE region) All things aside. 3 seasons spring, summer and fall. What is it? Multicam? Marpat? Woodland, Tigerstripe...?
  19. AK-15. Seriously.

    Krebs AK-15 ? ?The Sexy? | The Bang Switch Hmmm...[hmmm]
  20. Ideas on how to win anti's and others to our side.

    Post them here. Why not offer people a free class on safety and education. I'm sure people here can kick in $5 or $10 to reimburse instructors for this. It would also generate business for the people that would offer this via return customers.
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