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  1. Tax Free Weekend

    Been needing to update my phone. Holds a charge for about 5 hours before crapping out. Been limping by the past month and a half waiting on this tax break, but now that I've sat down and done the math, I'm expecting a whole $37.50 in savings. WHOOPIE!!! Not sure why I've been torturing myself...
  2. Perun x16 new possible 5.56 coming that could be useful in MA

    Interesting looking platform. Anyone familiar with the manufacturer? My only concern (aside from what it cost) would be long term parts availability.
  3. P365 grip fitting

    The new P365 Macro has interchangeable backstraps. Its a much taller gun though, near G19 size. Seems like that's their version of a G48. 17+1 in a slimline sounds awesome though. Too bad MA.
  4. P365 grip fitting

    Do you have one of those? I've been thinking about it, but was curious what users think. Does it also have the tungsten insert option? This gun is so light that it could actually use a little more weight.
  5. P365 grip fitting

    Not to be a downer on your design, but unless that adheres like an epoxy, I doubt it. There are aftermarket gas pedals though for P365. I was actually surprised how far back you have yours.
  6. P365 grip fitting

    Is that gas pedal actually going to still be there after the first shot?
  7. Polymer Lowers, Good Or Bad?

    Fabrication is probably improving as well. Long fiber impregnation is a far more realistic goal for smaller production these days than when it was just reserved for top end companies.
  8. Polymer Lowers, Good Or Bad?

    I'm betting more modern polymer AR lowers are fine these days. Lots of the more recent models I've seen are either rather beefy from the selector to buffer tube span, or some even have metal reinforcement parts. I think that might be an issue of the past.
  9. Polymer Lowers, Good Or Bad?

    I don't disagree, but would toss out there that the SCAR lower has no buffer tube. That's a critical point of failure in a polymer AR lower. With a scar, the upper just sits on top of the lower with no parts of the lower protruding into the upper space going perpendicular to the direction of the...
  10. Holyoke Bust

    Ok. That's the part I don't really understand. But I'll run with your comment. But looks like this is almost moot anyway, as he's kind of F'd regardless.
  11. Holyoke Bust

    True, and this did happen in MA, but ATF is federal. So while he might be F's anyway for any number of other reasons (unregistered suppressors, giggle switches, MA laws, etc), should he not get the same "gray area" for FRT when it comes to ATF? I'm probably being naive about it. Who is actually...
  12. Holyoke Bust

    That's a thing now? I thought FRT was taking the ATF to court over legality and interpretation. Then again, I haven't really been following that close. They don't really interest me as much as the precedent does.
  13. Pick one 9mm carbine: HiPoint 995 vs. KelTec SUB2000

    I had the Keltec. Fun range toy. But that's about it. I don't think I'd actually deploy that in an actual home defense scenario unless that's all I had. Not saying it didn't work. It actually ran flawlessly while I had mine. Just that there are much better options out there where one doesn't...
  14. US Department Of Commerce Asks Gun Holster Companies For Sales Records

    Imagine the massive number of wasted hours they'll spend on this data before realizing airsoft players screw up their intentions.
  15. Lawmakers reach last-minute deal to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts

    Huh?!? Isn't that where most of the betting happens in college sports?
  16. In the New Mexico Wilderness, a Survivalist Compound Asks $30 Million

    For sure, there can be assessment true-ups from time to time depending on which way the wind is blowing for the jurisdiction. I just feel this guy is trying to sell a story and is nowhere near neighborhood comp pricing, where the rich people homes are like $1-3M, including good acreage. Maybe...
  17. Lost key to gun lock

    This would be my first go-to as well. Most of these cheap locks can be raked rather easily. I've done one (well, this one was a bike lock) with a large paperclip, snipped right at the beginning of the curve to give it a slight upward sweep. Slotted a thin flathead into the keyhole to apply...
  18. Like him or not, but this is awesome

    F the politicians who didn't vote for the bill, or F the politicians using veterans as a trojan horse to slide in other agendas, and that fact was easily seen coming? Is it possible Stewart is angry at the wrong people?
  19. Important Public Announcement

    You can tell a science nerd wrote that study because they didn't say "sex boosts the immune system", they said "masturbation".
  20. Disregard

    I want to get that set up so bad, but hot damn...I'm in MA. May end up still getting the G43 MOS some day, because it seems like a great gun. Glock should just cave and offer OEM mags forgoing the plastic wrap so they can capitalize on capacity like Shield Arms. I will say though, Magguts...
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