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  1. Tips for better storage of handguns in safe

    I use these on the inside of my safe. Maybe replace the pockets with Acorn “holsters”? Acorns
  2. Anyone Own A Volquartson Pistol ?

    I recently picked up a Black Mamba (after a loooong order wait). I also have Ruger Mark II and Mark IV bull barrels that I put the Volquartsen triggers and parts into. Is the Black Mamba worth it? To me, yes, no question. Is it 2x+ as good as a Mark IV with Volq. parts? Probably not to some...
  3. LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit?

    20” upper does come with rifle length gas system. Carbine length receiver extension with the requisite carbine buffer (3oz).
  4. P365 vs. P30sk

    They are completely different pistols but both excellent. The P365 is striker fired and a smaller, thinner package, and a little easier for me to conceal under the lighter clothing which we will hopefully be wearing soon. The P30SK is hammer fired and can use mags from the other P30 variants...
  5. LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit?

    With regard to Stealth vs PedatAR, if you are carrying it for hours, or need something lighter for hunting, go with the lighter PredatAR. But otherwise, why give up the benefits of a more robust barrel? As was previously mentioned, they do things in batches. For a data point, a 12” Stealth...
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