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  1. WTS 2 Champion 5hp Compressors

    Both are Champion Advantage Series 5hp 80gal 2- Stage Splash Lubricated, fully packaged with Low Oil Switch, Intercooler, and Auto Drain. Both Purchased new from AM Compressed Air. Both had hour meters connected, but they fell off/ran out of batteries when use was discontinued. #1 - is Single...
  2. Shot Show 2019: AR in .500 Blackout

    [cheers] [SHOT 2019] Condition Red's Zero Dark Fifty, a 10lb AR Firing subsonic .50 BMG bullets -
  3. Review: Garret Industries Silent Thunder IWB Holster

    Unlike the previous holster I reviewed, this one Review: Zorn Skinny Rig IWB Kydex Holster I ordered the normal style center mounted clip. They also make one with an offset clip, but it uses a thinner kydex sheet. What is interesting to note is the holster is lined with leather! To aid in...
  4. Review: Zorn Skinny Rig IWB Kydex Holster

    So I was looking for a Kydex IWB Holster for my first firearm purchase a VP9, I was originally looking for something that had one clip and would like to have had it offset the frame of the firearm, it didn't have to be offset but this was a plus. I think most manufacturers don't do the single...
  5. Citi Bank new Rules for Retailers

    Citi sets restrictions on gun sales by retail clients
  6. BlackRock Virtue Signaling

    BlackRock puts gunmakers on notice after Florida school shooting And looks like I'll be changing credit card companies... First National Bank of Omaha bails on NRA-branded Visa card after customer outcry
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