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  1. Mass Lowes shoplifter gets away from armed CCW

    Apologies if this is a repost. View: Not a big fan of Reddit, but this just happened today so there isn't any mirrors yet. Not sure if this is an off-duty/retired police officer, but I can't imagine anyone...
  2. Flux Raider legality

    Good afternoon, folks. I saw this chassis from a company called Flux Defense. It seems to be just a big grip module for the SIG P320. What would be the legality of this in Mass? It seems like it would be under the maximum weight, and the magazine is in the grip. Any thoughts from anyone...
  3. 37mm Legality

    Is anyone familiar with the laws regarding 37mm launchers in Massachusetts? Before I buy one I just want to make sure I'm in the clear. Honestly not even sure if I actually need an FFL...
  4. Any Norinco AK experience?

    So, I have a Pre-Ban Norinco Type 56 and I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with removing the front sight block or gas block. My understanding is that this task is much easier with some AKs than with others. I'm attempting to install a Magpul Zhukov handguard, and the handguard...
  5. 9mm ARs and MA Compliance

    I noticed that at the Marlborough show this past weekend, there was a dealer selling Quarter Circle 10 9mm carbines. Im also told that there is a large, well-known dealer selling these, who I'll refrain from naming until I know more about the status of these pieces. With the quagmire of legal...
  6. Benchmade Destroying Guns

    Perusing Facebook today when I found this post from the Oregon City Police Department. I'm on my phone so I'm not gonna re-upload the pics, but you get the idea.
  7. Mk12 Project

    Finally, after almost 11 months and almost $6K, my MK12 Mod 0 build is complete! A few years ago, I fired a friend's AR which had been modified for (relative) precision, and I knew I wanted something similar. I did a lot of research, and came to the conclusion that the Mk12 Mod 0 is really the...
  8. Gun Ranges vs Gun Clubs

    *PRE-POST DISCLAIMER* I'm 5 days into quitting a 13 year pack-a-day habit and I'm a little on edge. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. Can anyone recommend an outdoor rifle range that wouldn't require me to be part of a club? I used to shoot at Wayne's in West Boylston, however since...
  9. Best Cerakote in MA?

    So I recently completed a precision AR build and I'd like to have it Cerakoted. I need a place that can accomodate a vague camo pattern across the entire rifle including the optic. The build cost me approximately $5,000 to complete, so I'm not really looking for "good" shops. Im looking for the...
  10. Moving to Boston

    So, I plan on moving to Boston in the near future. I own a pre-7/20 AR. I had just planned to leave it at my folk's house in the 'burbs, but I'm told that even the ownership (not posession) of the rifle requires a special license. Is there any truth to this?
  11. CMP 1911 News

    I apologize if this is a duplicate thread, I just thought you guys might find this interesting!
  12. AR Stock

    As you guys know, on a standard collapsible AR15 stock there is a spring loaded pin that is compressed when the lever on the stock is depressed. If the lever and nut were removed and the pin was ground down so that it couldn't be accessed, would the stock considered permanently affixed?
  13. Old Post-Bans now Pre-Bans?

    Please forgive me if this is a silly question, but are pre 7/20/16 guns now considered pre-ban? Does the "guidance" from the AGO only apply to "copies"?
  14. Preban SBR

    If I make an SBR on a preban lower, does the manufacture of the SBR in accordance with the Form 1 nullify the rifle's preban status since Im technically creating a new firearm?
  15. Gun Show Ammunition Sales

    Can anyone tell me if an individual would be required to have a license beyond an LTC to sell ammunition at a gun show? What allows individuals to sell ammunition online via sites such as ArmsList or NES?
  16. Police Glock Transfer

    I recently purchased a Glock 42 and I'm unsure whether I want to keep it or not. Is anyone familiar with the laws regarding the transfer of LEO-only firearms to civilians?
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