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  1. Seattle’s Crime and Punishment No more automatic leniency for the most prolific criminals.

    anything is better than nothing there. Beautiful city that is being destroyed. When I was there a few months ago, just about every store had private security.
  2. Saved by a bear

    This was my thought as well. But then, who would think they would get attacked by a meese in their barn?
  3. Any helium miners on here?!

    I am a producer wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
  4. Which size shells for home defense?

    shoot the mother f***er, then take a core sample before he bleeds out. I like it.
  5. Oooooh Nooooos boolats found

    I had a 3/8 drive torx break on a ratchet and the end then tore the shit out of my palm in a bad way. Took forever to heal
  6. RV living

    I had to go to a campground to try and fix my boss' Newmar Mountain Aire coach today. Beautiful $650K coach, but they couldnt flush the toilets because a module had died and I needed to bypass it for him.
  7. RV living

    When I was investigating the possibility of buying an RV a few years back, I dont recall ever reading anything but complaints about Thor.
  8. Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Biden Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks Could Turn into Gun Grabs

    From my "desk" in my dining room, I have direct line of sight to my front stairs, just not the door. If you are standing on the door and look in the window directly next to it, you can see me completely ignoring your existence while my dog loses his shit in that same window. Its usually the...
  9. ****Breakjng**** Multiple People Shot in Winthrop MA

    Yep, no doubt. Luckily, there arent any that fit the Antifa mold in my neighborhood.....except my stupid ass stepdaughter [banghead]
  10. ****Breakjng**** Multiple People Shot in Winthrop MA

    I'm not sure how, probably because I was busy, and traveling last week, but I didnt hear about this until this past weekend when my father told me about it. He grew up with the Greens. Dont remember if it was the trooper, or his brother that my dad grew up with. Crazy shit....Winthrop is...
  11. MSP MIA?

    I will say that I have noticed an increase in lane jumpers. 99% of the time I will stay in whichever lane I am in if the traffic is thick but moving at a consistent pace (mostly the fast lane). Multiple times a day now I will see someone who will jump out of the lane in front of me, dart to the...
  12. I accidently exposed myself in public today...

    I had a new IWB holster 6-7 years ago. clipped to the belt at about 4:00 Went out for a few errands, no problems at the first two stops. Third was the bank, and I was halfway across the parking lot when I felt my 1911 starting to float. Managed to grab it and transfer into the pocket of my...
  13. Boy, 6, is shot and killed in car booster seat 'after his mother gave other driver the finger on California freeway for cutting her off'

    I'm not blaming the victim, but as being a parent of a 6yo myself, WTF are you doing flipping people off with the kid in the car with you? I've definitely mellowed out as Ive gotten older, but if someone pisses me off in the car now, I will just point it out to her and make fun of their...
  14. "There Is No Shortage?" Train Loads Of Lumber Stacked As Far As The Eye Can See

    What do you think the market is going to do this year? Wondering if you are seeing any long term relief, or if we will see a repeat of last year with no lumber to be found, and surging prices again? Last summer my wife started a business making kids outdoor play equipment. We use all PT lumber...
  15. Puma Gas Powered Air Compressor

    Puma 5.5hp Honda powered air compressor. Its a 2011, but brand new. It sat forgotten on a pallet rack in my shop for 10 years. Started it for the first time today. First pull because its a Honda. $800.00 $700.00 if you're a green member
  16. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Thankfully, 100% of my small office is conservative. Can't say I know how the two dumbass' in the shop lean, but they are the regional VP who was the owner of the company up untill 2 years ago's sons, and he is conservative. Outside the office meeting with customers, I am very cautious of how I...
  17. *Alleged Theft at Shooter's Outpost Caught on Camera

    It had NH tags on it too. Anyone who shoplifts from there obviously doesnt follow Shooters on Facespace. He is always outing thieves publicly. He even went back on camera to figure out who the a**h*** was that left a dirty diaper in the parking lot yesterday.
  18. Police shootout suspect sues town

    you sure it wasnt 40's?
  19. Whiteness is a Pandemic

    so let me get this straight. There are some people that are SO f***ING RACIST that the only way they can further move up the racist spectrum is to marry a black woman? Jesus Christ these morons make my head hurt.
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