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  1. Favorite Knife Brands

    Cold Steel makes some sweet knives, especially their Tanto line. Ka-Bar has an impressive line up as well.
  2. Texas Family Knife Fight

    Blade HQ or KnifeCenter???
  3. Your New Knife!

    Her name is Ruby Juggs, not sure of her address though....
  4. Looking for a *lined* holster

    I’ve carried a P938 IWB almost everyday in a Milt Sparks VM II (all leather) for about nine years and the nitride coating looks fine. Maybe they’re talking about OWB carry?
  5. More Legal Guns Reduced Crime in Brazil

    It’s like punching the bully in the face because you’re being picked on. All of a sudden you don’t get bullied anymore. What a f—king concept!!!
  6. More Legal Guns Reduced Crime in Brazil

    Too bad this simple concept is not understood by the leftist, commie, socialists running this country!
  7. More Legal Guns Reduced Crime in Brazil

    Interesting read - the lefties heads would explode if they read this. They'd just say it's the WSJ and write it off as BS propaganda....
  8. Looking for a *lined* holster

    There's screws on the side of the Garrett holster that allow you to set the tension of how tight the holster holds the gun. Each holster is molded to your specific firearm and provides a precise glove fit, especially once the lined leather breaks in a bit. I have a Silent Thunder that I use when...
  9. Looking for a *lined* holster Nice, leather lined, kydex holsters!
  10. For anyone who thinks Canada is free, think again.

    It’s always the crowd with guards armed to the teeth with firearms to protect THEM that want to take guns and self protection away from the proletariat!
  11. Best CCW/Self defense insurance?

    I’ve got USCCA Platinum Plan. I really think you got to have something these days as a fallback. You could be completely in the right as far as a justified shooting goes and still get jacked up for a BS murder/assault charge (especially in the DPRM).
  12. One Tough Dentist A story of courage all Americans should know.

    Great tale of valor and courage! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Pro-gun congressman explains how low-caps magazines won’t fit…

    Quick question for all who feel that spewing BS is justified and fair in this fight. How much credibility is lost when you find out the truth and realize that someone you thought was being honest was in fact lying to you on purpose? I understand what this congressman was trying to convey in this...
  14. Pro-gun congressman explains how low-caps magazines won’t fit…

    He seems pretty intelligent and does a great job articulating his point but I'm a bit confused as to why he would spew such BS. Any fact checker would eat this guy alive and his whole argument blows up in his face which gives the anti crowd leverage.
  15. Beto O’Rourke Goes for Broke

    Just another vile liberal Democrat who hates the USA. I really hope these a$$holes take a f—king beating in November.
  16. a classic story

    That guy and his dog were out there for 6 days. He was probably disoriented, dehydrated, malnourished and most likely not of sound mind, plus he was 74 y/o. Hiking alone in a 1.25 million acre forest is not a very prudent thing to do, especially at his age.
  17. Help me choose my new carry gun: Glock 43 Vs. Sig P365 **update post 53**

    @darkslide - BI has provided the best advice to follow. Hope you get a chance to at least handle all of them prior to making your decision. Good Luck!
  18. Help me choose my new carry gun: Glock 43 Vs. Sig P365 **update post 53**

    Couldn't agree more! Bought a couple for my 365XL mags - that little extra bit makes a big difference.
  19. Sheath Thread / What’s good or what’s garbage

    @Andy in NH That’s amazing and very creative! A couple of rattle cans of paint and a bag of rubber bands. Thanks for sharing!
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