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  1. Anyone have primers explode on XL650?

    I have a 650 and reload 45. Wanting to avoid a problem, I have found a very effective and fast method to sort 45 cases for large and small primer pockets. Dump your unsorted cases into a plastic pan or box. Using a plastic 50 piece bullet holder for 45ACP; these are the plastic frames new ammo...
  2. Another Ham is born

    Check out Digital Mobile Radio. DMR. You can talk most anywhere in the world with a sub $100.00 hand held. Congratulations on your achievement! 73 N6HTY Bremerton WA.
  3. Anyone with a Dillon XL650?

    Ben, Thanks. I did pick up a strong mount, used, locally. It's working fine. Very amazed with the press! Thanks to all who responded. Mike
  4. 22 TCM Reloading

    One of the guys at my range was shooting an RIA version of this about a year ago. It's a bit loud and had quite a muzzle flash. He let me shoot it and it's pleasant to shoot in a compact 1911 frame. His came with both 9mm and 22 TCM barrels. I believe it's similar, ballistically, to the FN 5.7...
  5. Anyone with a Dillon XL650?

    Perfect. That's what I needed to know. Now I'll measure from the bench to shoulder, subtract the 8.5" and have the distance my mount needs to be. Thanks! .
  6. Anyone with a Dillon XL650?

    Thanks... I did look at this post, prior to posting mine, but don't see the measurement I'm trying to find, unless I missed something?
  7. Cleaning Stainless Media

    I use a similar approach when rinsing my brass after tumbling. I large magnet on the outside of the plastic bucket while I swish the rinse water around keeps the pins stuck to the side everything else goes to the bottom of the bucket.
  8. Anyone with a Dillon XL650?

    I have a new XL650 on the way and it dawned on me that I may need to buy a mount for my bench. I'm already aware the lever should be at shoulder hight. Since I don't have the press yet, I was looking for the dimension from the mounting base to the top of the lever. I spent way too much time...
  9. Hamming it up!

    I have several Baofeng handhelds and other than them being cumbersome to manually program, they work fine. Chirp is the best method to program them. Based on cost, I also looked into their mobile radios, and found reports that they were were low power output radios, compared to many other...
  10. Anyone use the new CFE BLK powder yet?

    I've loaded over 1000 pistol rounds with CFE powder. It works just fine in 45, 9 and 40 Cal. Out of curiosity, I tried it as a light load in .38 Special and it worked fine there too. Because I'm producing range bullets for 7-15 yards I load it just .5gr over the min as I don't need anything...
  11. "Can I mix powders?....."

    Can you mix powders? ABSOUTELY. Once. :>)
  12. Powder Selection for 9mm-38/357-45

    I know this is an old tread, but appears to have new posts. Ive been using both Win 231 and CFE Pistol. I've loaded lots of 9, 10, 40 and 45 auto pistol rounds with CFE Pistol and it works perfectly. The other day, I got a used lee loader, for 38/357 and wanted to try the manual loading process...
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