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  1. Testing the Noveske and Battle Comp 1.5

    After building my last 2 AR's with a Battle Comp and seeing just how AWESOME they truly are, I decided to build a super lightweight gun and throw another Battle Comp on it to see how effective it really is. Impressed is an understatement. I let a friend shoot it who grew up hunting with bolt...
  2. P38 How did I do?

    A friend picked up this P38 and asked me about it...I don't know too much about the milsurp pistols but figured some one where would original Walther P38, ALL serial numbers match, EXCELLENT bore, retains about 98% original finish Has 2 original holsters and magazines. One holster is...
  3. Which Colt Rifle?

    so if you had to pick...which preban colt would you say is more desirable? Ar-15A2 government carbine or a match sporter hbar
  4. M1 Garand experts help needed!

    So...I was lucky enough to stumble upon a collection of Garands...I'm getting them all for the same price...I only want one and I'm going to sell the others I wanted the opinions of those of you who know WAY more about garands than me on what I should keep and what I should sell. Here's...
  5. hi standard olympic

    can anyone give me any info on these guns? i recently inherited it and i know nothing about not a .22 competition shooter so i have no interest in it...its in it worth anything?
  6. Socom 16 owners

    Socom II with the full length rail on it...what do you guys use or would use for a scope/mount combo?
  7. hunter safety course

    got a buddy that needs the hunter safety course done asap...wheres the closest place to tewksbury that can get it done quick quick?
  8. m1a scope mount

    finally getting around to scoping my m1a which mount do you guys suggest? arms sadlack smith enterprises also, out of the 3, which 1 can i easily install myself? im partial to the smith enterprises mount
  9. no more glocks!!

    no more commercial sales of olive drab frame glocks or rtf2 glocks...just got the word
  10. optic for my fal

    thinking of getting a red dot for my sa58 fal what would you guys suggest? the 1 x 24 rx 01-23 or the 1 x 42 rx 30-23?
  11. corrosive .30 ammo

    anyone know a good website where i can find out if my surplus ammo is corrosive or not? just got a garand and carbine with some older ammo and wanna make sure it aint corrosive before is shoot it!
  12. danish garand

    are these any less desirable than a standard springfield or the like? i found one with a springfield receiver and a danish barrel (VAR) made in 66 from what i've read these guns have great chambers i.e. headspacing the one i found has a refinished stock [crying] and the metal looks...
  13. 28-2 highway patrolmen

    so i found a s&w model 28-2, 6" in mint box for around $400 ever since selling my 627PC ive been looking to get another .357 mag...whats the story with these and the 27-2s...which is better/more desirable?
  14. sig 225/p6

    ok...i want one...ive held it and it feels incredible in my hand...perfect fit...what can you guys tell me about it...i see some imported by century which i figure are junk...any input? im looking at a few mint ones for under $400
  15. need help for school paper

    so my masters program is requiring me to write a research paper on any criminal justice related topic...i need at least 5 scholarly references to use i figured why not write about how guns actually PREVENT crime one instance i know ill use is dc vs heller anyone have any insight for me...
  16. ak furniture

    looking at picking up an unfired milled norinco mak90...i love how flat dark earth looks on rifles...i have 3 ar's in this color and want an ak to match...does anyone know where oh where i can find such a thing? i dont think kvar makes a stock set!
  17. im doin it! goin beltfed!

    ok thats it! ive collection lacks 1 thing...a beltfed! the question is now what kind? rpk? 1919? m37?? anyone here have any experience? im lookin at the allied armamnet 1919 and vector rpk...only thing is...i can get 2 1919s for the price of 1 rpk! help!
  18. should i get it?

    a friend has offered me a brand new unfired SW 29-2 6" 44mag...blued gun with the wooden presentation case i was thinking of ordering the model 29 classic...then this came along which is better? which is closer to the REAL dirty harry gun (i know the real gun was a .45 LC) he wants $500...
  19. fallen comrade

    dont know if any of you guys served with Christian Major...he was in afghanistan in 2004 with the 82nd...he was recently working as a PMC in Kabul for Dyncorp Major passed away 6/14 i just found out about it...figured id pass it on to anyone he may have served with he was a friend of mine and...
  20. is this ammo AP or not?

    so i recently stumbled upon 4k rounds of 7.62x39mm @ $4/box 2k of it is in a sliver box marked as follows: norinco china north industries corporation 7.62x39mm cartridge lead core bullet steel case non corrosive the rounds in the box are have a steel case thats brown/plum in color...
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