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  1. Airsoft anyone?

    Cool but not airsoft
  2. complete lower

    I haven’t bought a lower in NH lately. Last were spikes and Anderson, for $100 And $50, respectively. Out the door. No transfer fees or tax obviously.
  3. complete lower

    Aero in the classifieds right now
  4. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Could be. It’s a vid so I can’t post it.
  5. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Overnight update. Caught a rat, I think, on the cam last night. Pointy nose and beady eyes. It was a short video so I can’t post here. Gonna reset the trap today as the heavy rain last triggered it before he showed up.
  6. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Update. Wife just found 2 of them. They were huge and the chickens were very excited to have them. 😂
  7. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Taking small chunks out of the fruit.
  8. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    Thanks. Have seen those nasty caterpillars in previous years but none this year. Have to look again.
  9. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

    What the hell is eating my tomatoes? Wife said she saw a rat running under the shed nearby today but I searched for rat poop pictures and apparently they don’t drop pellets like you see here. So what is it? Set my have a heart and a game came so hopefully see something tonight. We did have some...
  10. Backyard Brewery GTG!

    Sorry all but work travel happened and need to reevaluate. Dog is now preggo so we’re wrapped up for 8 weeks or so. I could join without Mrs slap shot if people are down, but it will be September-ish
  11. Stray bullet from angle tree hits house

    This was supposedly during a pin shoot in front of a very high berm. Can’t see it clearing the berm without a ricochet. Can’t see it making it a half mile after a ricochet and projectile looks pristine. Hard to believe that came from the range.
  12. Payback….. prison justice

    Frank “Burns”?
  13. Like him or not, but this is awesome

    f*** him. What other pork was in that bill?
  14. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    I’d take off the rear sight. Not useable under the scope and it’s in the way. Awesome lower though.
  15. Disregard

    Always a good time to order parts. 😂
  16. Backyard Brewery GTG!

    Tough time for a lot of folks I think. Maybe we need to push it out a little.
  17. Backyard Brewery GTG!

    Seems like this fell off the radar. July 30th is this weekend. Are people ready to try again or should we push it out a couple of weeks. Open to suggestions.
  18. Disregard

    I took a $250 steel frenzy class and got a P320 X5 legion for $781. Most places are selling them for over a grand, if not $1100. Also, the classes are awesome.
  19. Deals and steals

    Got this in yesterday and it’s very nice. No machine marks or imperfections that I’ve noticed so far. Will be trying it out tomorrow. Casper approved
  20. Finally got around to shooting with the Axil Ghost ear buds

    I have the 2.0 also. Only tried them a few times. Figuring out the right size and type of the provided plugs makes a big difference in how well they seem to work.
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