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  1. Ran a Mag Through the Wash

    Oh, so that's what you look like.
  2. NJ Non-Resident Carry Permit Progress

    My Great Aunt lived in Woodstown. South Jersey along the Delaware is a different kinda place. My family has been in Salem County since the late 1600's. My Grandfather was the Mayor of Salem in the 1930's. He was an avid duck hunter, suspected but never caught "Duckin out of Season". He had many...
  3. ATF, FBI seize firearms from home on Robert Drive in Holyoke

    Isn't that a L.A.R. Grizzly Big-Boar? When I get home tonight I'll have to dig to the back of my safe, but I think I have one.
  4. The Coming War Over Taiwan Part 2

    What do you make of this; [popcorn]...
  5. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    The new season of Trail Cam Week of 7/11/22
  6. Sick of the damn Amish

    Must be Rumspringa.
  7. Why you should go to the bank armed

    Why wouldn't you always go into a bank armed? It's the place I go each week where I'd most likely need to defend myself.
  8. ATF Conduct Surprise Inspection at Man’s Home without Warrant VIDEO

    This sounds crazy. I was told you could buy as many long guns at a time as you wanted, but only one handgun per day. About 8 years ago I bought two Sig P238's as engagement gifts for my daughter and son in law at the same time. Back in the early Obama years I once bought 5 long guns from Four...
  9. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    I just saw this on Channel Five, I was shocked.
  10. Maryland Governor Loosens Concealed Carry Law, Spurs Demand For Gun Permits

    cause Christie has that certain, je ne sais quois, maybe it's his Camel Toe.
  11. 73 year old beaten to death by teens; what would you do if packing

  12. Atlanta Subway Worker Shot Dead For Putting Too Much Mayo On Sandwich

    I hate Tomato's & Mayo. I like Ham, just like Peter Graves aka Captain Clarence Oveur. View:
  13. Atlanta Subway Worker Shot Dead For Putting Too Much Mayo On Sandwich

    About 40 years ago I was in a bar called Nectars in Burlington Vermont, the were putting Mayonnaise on their French Fries, it still creeps me out. I wonder if Ross does that now that he's a full time Vermont Resident?
  14. Atlanta Subway Worker Shot Dead For Putting Too Much Mayo On Sandwich

    Why would someone make any of that? I just can't do Tuna. I love Eggs, Scrambled Eggs. I also love Chicken, grilled or roasted. My wife says I have the blandest palette she's ever seen. I always protest, I like both Spices, Salt and Butter.
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