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  1. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie!!

    Oh this is great stuff!!! OMG I can't. Only about 11.5 million Americans hunt in a given year, fewer than the number who attend a professional ballet performance.
  2. What' the most ridiculous? in all this..

    Went to a shop after work and I was all excited I found some Remington .357 for my revolver. Hey honest to god the most ridiculous price I have seen yet $70 bucks for 50 rounds I almost S&^T!! I know things are not normal but seriously?? I think I'm going to need your help to start reloading...
  3. Sig Sauer's CROSS??

    Coworker is asking if the Sig Sauer's CROSS is Massachusetts compliant. He has the Bass Pro flyer in hand and its advertised and he is drooling over it. Me myself i'm unsure that's why i'm asking. I see a stock that moves and don't want to give him wrong information.
  4. What do you have for a cleaning kit?

    I'm still using my K-mart cleaning kit from 35 years ago just a simple wooden box, rod, brushes, nothing fancy but looking to update seeing my brushes are turning green, missing some patch guides. what is everybody using in 2020 I have seen some multi tool looking screwdriver kits that...
  5. School me in .375 Winchester Ammo?

    Is this ammo no longer produced? Can it be found on shelves? Doing my homework online and im not finding much except for the history. It seemed like a popular round for big game cant see why they would stop production.
  6. Woodcock Rd. Dartmouth Rifle Range Fee jump.

    Word on the street is the Resident Fee is going up substantially as is the out of town fee. If your not current with your range membership or miss a re-up there will also be a sign on fee and im hearing its not cheap. Just a heads up if you didn't know.
  7. Motorcycle Carry?

    Wanted to ask if you motorcycle guys with a class A carry wile on your motorcycles and how do you prefer to do so. I would be worried of being spotted if my shirt comes up or even with a good holster Id worry about it falling out. I do wear leather now jacket so I guess I could zip up a pocket...
  8. Amazon DENIED!!

    I wanted to grab a cheap airsoft pistol on amazon( didn't want to give my money to Dick's) for training purposes. I have two family members that asked me to pass down my knowledge of safe firearm handling and I said COOL! I will start them off with baby steps so I don't scare the girls away and...
  9. Inherited 2, Remington 20 gauge shotguns.

    Seeing that the old timer was a bird hunter and the old lady will not go near a 12 gauge plus I don't think I need another hobby of hunting birds. I was thinking of modifying one. Thinking of taking off the crazy long barrel and replacing it with a shorty, Legal is what 18.5? correct me if i'm...
  10. The Only Two Living US Mass School Shooters Who Are Not Incarcerated

    But only two are now out of prison, one of whom was arrested with a gun after his release, while the other has since applied for a concealed carry permit. interesting story.
  11. Worker fired for carrying gun on company property An employee at a Michigan General Motors Technical Center said he was fired after he pulled a gun to stop a knife attack at the plant on Wednesday, but his bosses eventually reversed...
  12. New Glocks for sale in MA????

    I know I have not done any Glock homework in a wile but this guy here at work is saying you can now go into any gun dealer in MA and grab a brand new gen 4. Did something change? He is telling me they are on the roster for MA approved firearms. Why am I not buying any of this?
  13. 5 ways to start a fire, using water
  14. No gun for PA Trooper
  15. Need some direction instructor course?

    I have a friend in Lakeville MA would like some info on how to become a firearms instructor. Can somebody point me in the right direction so I can help get the ball rolling. Links and any info would be much appreciated.
  16. Fall River Shotspotter reporting fireworks as gunshots

    It's been difficult to evaluate ShotSpotter's effectiveness in Fall River because it is the Fall River Police Department's policy not to confirm ShotSpotter activations in the interest of safeguarding investigative secrets. At least three or four days a week, I come across two to three...
  17. "I got goosebumps. It scared the hell out of me,"

    Tuesday morning, a Fall River couple were driving on Plymouth Avenue to get coffee at Cumberland Farms when they saw what appeared to be a broken handgun, in plain view, near the intersection at Palmer Street. "I got goosebumps. It scared the hell out of me," said Nicole Danforth, of Fall...
  18. All hell will break loose in Clarksville, Ark!

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- On the bright side, Arkansas does not have a stand-your-ground law. But how long do you think it will take before some variation of one of the following happens in a Clarksville, Ark. school? A teacher feels "threatened" by a student and pulls the gun on the pupil...
  19. Detained for trying to bring a gun to the Empire State Building

    man who tried to bring a gun into the Empire State Building was arrested Tuesday night, New York authorities said. Evon Allen, 79, who was trying to visit the observation deck, carried the firearm in his backpack, cops said. Man tries to take gun atop Empire State Building, cops say - NY...
  20. ‘We’re Buying Zimmerman A New Gun’

    Ohio Gun Group: 'We're Buying Zimmerman A New Gun' | ThinkProgress Ohio gun group is soliciting donations to “provide [Trayvon Martin shooter George] Zimmerman, who has no current source of income, with the funds he needs to replace his firearm, holster, and other gear.” Citing a news report...
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