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  1. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    all of this babbly-boo and your squeeze buys a wyndham. mil spec govt profile barrel and standard exciting “features”. the value of “advice” sought from this forum is worth the price paid. not an ounce of information about your “navy friend’s” applications with said rifle. there is no way anyone...
  2. Prefered AR Manufacturer? Cheaper to Bling

    the OP’s “friend” sounds like the type who will spend 15 minutes rubbing the rifle then put it in a safe or closet forever. In this case buy whatever looks nice. If he wants to learn, he should just buy a matching upper lower and built the rifle.
  3. which 10mm competition grade handgun to choose

    glock single-handedly kept 10mm auto alive for 20+ years when every other manufacturer abandoned the cartridge. the gen 4’s work extremely well so they’re in no hurry to get a G20.5 to market. It will likely happen but wouldn’t hold my breath.
  4. Boston, Springfield begin to lift gun license restrictions after Supreme Court decision

    Recommend taking next train from fantasy land to earth
  5. Is the Mill famous?

    I’m sure she is drafting an unbiased and reasonable story about the Mill. Can’t imagine a reason she or her Globe associates would publish anything else. /sarc
  6. Grand Opening of Sig Sauer Experience Center

    Comes with an experience coin?
  7. Bought a Gen4 Glock 21,Opinions?

    my circa 2014 Sig P220 (of course not old school folded slide) is a great pistol. it has something like 3k rounds through it without any issues. Something about the P220 grip feels more natural in my hand compared to the more round P226/229. When I was in MA w mag restrictions I carried a my...
  8. Beretta 92 preban mags

    manufacturers in the 80s and early 90s did not preemptively label their magazines ”pre-9/94” to help those who are stuck in AWB states 30 years later. What you seek doesn’t exist. There are Magazines that didn’t exist before 94 and there are magazines with definite post 94 markings such as “LEO...
  9. Beretta 92 preban mags

    Regarding beretta magazines this is inaccurate. The pistol was well established prior to 1994 and there are ample pre-94 magazines. And an LEO deciding to put one in cuffs has ZERO to do with some nonsense about U notches or zipper backs. Thats fantasy land.
  10. Bad vendor policy

    meh. Is weak but not as weak as gemtech’s “warranty”
  11. WTS Glock 22, 23 and 19 preban magazines

    WTS preban Glock magazines, OEM G22 square notch - 5 available $80 each One of the magazines has some etchings on the side (visible in photo) - if you buy this let’s drop it to $70 Buy all 5 mags for $390 and I’ll throw in the u-notch G22 u-notch - 1 available $60 each G23 square notch - 3...
  12. Appendix Carry

    what? With AIWB one may occasionally want slight reverse cant but for the most part the holster should be perpendicular to belt line. There is no use for forward cant with AIWB. None. — below is my current EDC. It’s been this for a few years now. G17 extra mag JMCK holsters for both o light...
  13. Appendix Carry

    i appendix carry a G17 or a 92 with spare magazine for the past ~6 years. it is extremely comfortable. the path is 1) good belt like a blue force gear and 2) JM custom kydex holster. Also shorter holster length is worse. one wants a certain amount of holster length for stability on the belt. i...
  14. Heavy trigger on Glock 34 9mm

    $157 to lose the reliability that makes a Glock. Even their website says for competition use only. does. not. compute.
  15. Heavy trigger on Glock 34 9mm

    on gen 4 that is usually due to the trigger bar bump that facilitates proper engagement of the striker safety. Unfortunately it rubs against the slide (by design). It can also be where the trigger bar contacts the connector. Both are easily fixed either by replacing a few parts or the so-called...
  16. Heavy trigger on Glock 34 9mm

    stop F’ing around w perfectly fine Glock trigger. If the trigger feels heavy it means one needs to train more with it. It’s not a 1911. It’s a defensive tool.
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