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  1. K31

    Prices on all Scmidt-Rubin guns are through the roof but a lot of them don’t move at the new prices. Local Cabelas has racks of 1889s, 96/11s, and both K11 rifles and carbines for 550-650. Saw a beautiful tiger striped K11 Carbine months back for 650, with BPS taking them over they can’t...
  2. Anyone seen any Sten loop stocks for sale?

    I wanted to do a semi too but realized that a semi and a welder is already partway to a transferable.
  3. Anyone seen any Sten loop stocks for sale?

    Hunting for one for a gun that I should have in about 16-20 months. Seems like the loop stocks dried up while I wasn't looking.
  4. Palmetto KS47

    With the drum that thing looks awesome.
  5. I posted in WTB but....

    Get this, have the stock modified to be adjustable for LOP, and then don't look back.
  6. Best place for a BFSC class?

    I didn't even know that myself. I just emailed the PD asking about some of their requirements, but when they reply I'll ask about that as well. I have at the very least 8.5 years left on active duty.
  7. Best place for a BFSC class?

    Any suggestions on a good place in the Boston metro area to take a BFSC course? I'm up for LTC renewal, am active-duty stationed away from MA, and my town requires a course taken within the last year. Any places out there that anyone would suggest? Trying to save some money, I know some...
  8. Shotgun Options

    There are also ranges where it is a concern. And I absolutely suggest a good semi as an HD gun. Cheap pumps like the 870s and 500s have amazingly poor QC.
  9. Shotgun Options

    I've seen this rule all over the country. I've also seen this rule all over th country. BTW, anyone recommending a Saiga as someone's first shotgun is out of their mind. I also think the 590A1 is a bad choice as they tend to become safe queens. In your price range the Beretta 1301 with...
  10. MA Resident buying a gun at Kittery Trading Post in Maine.

    The rifle has to be legal in your state of residence as defined by the ATF.
  11. Shotgun Options

    The 930 JM Pro is a piece of shit. Horrible QC and very spotty reliability between individual examples. The Beretta is not a single purpose gun. A 24" vent rib barrel is adequate for HD purposes, three gun, and most field shooting. It will also shoot smoothbore slugs with no issue, and is...
  12. Shotgun Options

    Beretta 1301 Meets your requirements exactly. Beretta makes the best semi-automatic shotguns in the world. Remington has shit QC, Mossbergs are toys, and the others aren't even worth looking at. That gun will do anything you...
  13. Is the SW1911 9mm pro series worth the $$$

    Stuck it in the safe and shot my XDM and M&P 9 Pro in Production class instead...
  14. Is the SW1911 9mm pro series worth the $$$

    How many times should it need to go back to the factory? And it's still not working right, BTW...
  15. End of an era - the CH-46.

    Doubtful, those were probably -47s. From what I understand the -46 had a pretty good safety record.
  16. Is the SW1911 9mm pro series worth the $$$

    Go find my thread from years back about my Pro series.
  17. End of an era - the CH-46.

    There was one parked on our airfield the other day, I think it's still flying. It might be the one they're saving for the final flight.
  18. HSC Rifle match this weekend

    Cool. I'll bring Wolf for the paper stages, and Wolf Gold for any stages that have steel. I was thinking M1 Carbine but don't want to lose all that brass.
  19. HSC Rifle match this weekend

    Posting this here because the rifle forum is typically not active. Anyone know of any restrictions on ammo/rifles for this weekend's match?
  20. Skeet/Trap

    Yep. In the offseason I'll bring out the Model 12 28 gauge pump gun, or my Mossberg 500, or the 20ga 870... Hell, I used to use my Xtrema2 in competitive skeet, and was shooting 97-99/100 with it.
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