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  1. Wojtek Weaponry

    Word up, hunting buddy!
  2. Wojtek Weaponry

    That I was! Moved from San Diego to New Hampshire in 2018. Good to be here!
  3. Wojtek Weaponry

    Why thank you!
  4. M92 ZPAP Thread Adapters

    This adapter has an internal tit (like many other competent adapters) that indexes off the muzzle (NOT the front sight base) and brings the threading into compliance. I put my adapter on my ZPAP (with a good torquing, of course) and used a Gemtech One (NOT an overbore can) without checking for...
  5. M92 ZPAP Thread Adapters

    Got a fresh batch of M92 ZPAP adapters up on the site now. This adapter converts the odd 26x1.5mm LH to the more friendly 5/8-24 UNF threading for using more standard suppressors.
  6. Wojtek Weaponry

    Hey guys! Been here for a while but not really ever as a legit shop of sorts. I do not have a customer-facing shop but I have a pretty decent website and a lot of unique product offerings that I stock and ship myself, namely... -Adjustable gas blocks for AR15/AR10 platform rifles. Basically...
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