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  1. WTS WTT Friedman BE-OD pedal $75

  2. WTS WTT Friedman BE-OD pedal $75

  3. WTS WTT Friedman BE-OD pedal $75

  4. WTS WTT Friedman BE-OD pedal $75

    Purchased this pedal a few years ago. Looking to try out a new pedal so this is for sale. There’s plenty of vids of it on YouTube. Friedman pedal $75 WTT: OCD pedal or fuzz pedal PM here please Willing to meet or 🚢 Located in western ma area.
  5. WTS Withdrawn

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  7. WTS Withdrawn

    Price reduction
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  11. WTS Withdrawn

  12. WTS colt 14.5in upper

    **ALL NFA RULES APPLY** Location :western ma Description :14.5 colt upper , colt bcg, Daniel defense ris rail, surefire flash hider (not pinned) make provisions to do so if your going to use on a non sbr stamped lower. Also flash hider would have to go on a 94 preban lower. I’m guessing most...
  13. WTS Spiritus carrier $450 & Plates lvl4 $300 MA

    Seeing if this will sell on here. Location: western ma (Chicopee, Springfield) Description: Spiritus systems plate carrier LV119 Size large. Size 1 elastic-velcro-cummber with Mk4 micro fight & mk3 ask pouch and mag holders. If your not familiar with this type of carrier has lots of options...
  14. Carhartt

    LC King Mfg - Outfitting Craftsmen since 1913 It’s little pricey but it’s another option. I have some duck pants from them going on 2 years now still strong.
  15. Deals and steals

    What a beautiful sight
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