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  1. Possible terror attack germany

    Guess it is their turn now. Saw initial reports of 'far right' not terrorism. 3 suspects still on loose
  2. one more safe thread

    I tried to search here and other places but would like some suggestions. I am looking for a shotgun safe for a bedroom closet that needs to hold one w a 20inch barrel. Some I have found appear like it might be just a bit too short. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Delayed

    Leave work early to buy gun get delayed for first time ever. Wtf
  4. Electronic ears

    I know there is a sticky on it, some newish info, but any recommendations would be great. Never used electronic, so not sure how they would compare, etc. Any info would be really appreciated, thanks
  5. Live rounds being used in Ukraine

    Couple good ones in here, only 2 minutes long...minute 26...ouch.
  6. Potential shooting at Purdue Univ
  7. NH to MA purchase

    I have tried searching with various titles, but cannot find the exact info I am looking for. I know this has been convered many times, so hopefully I can get a quick answer and this can disappear. I live in beautiful MA...I have found a MA compliant gun in NH. Complaint along the lines of a...
  8. Did the local news during halftime just say...

    A shooting in Roslindale, one of the 8 shootings on Saturday in Boston.? But, but, how is this possible?
  9. New Indiana Law allows citizens to

    Shoot Police if they enter their homes... New Indiana Law Allows Citizens to Shoot Police Officers In Indiana, police officers are upset over a new law allowing residents to use deadly force against public servants, including law enforcement officers, who unlawfully enter their homes...
  10. Man in Video who was arrested at NH rally

    Came home to find his house on fire....from the June.... Daniel Musso?s House Catches Fire Days After Gun Rally Arrest | coincidence, right?
  11. CA passes tax on ammo

    They say that the new revenue will help cities that have high gun violence. “Cities throughout the state, including Oakland, are suffering horrific and increasing gun violence. AB 187 will provide the City of Oakland, and cities in similar circumstances, with sufficient street-level public...
  12. Why not? One more range question

    I have searched all the threads and googled the best I can. I will be up in the Amesbury, Newburyport area soon and will have part of the afternoon off. Would love to do some shooting during some unusual week day down time...does anyone know of a place in that area besides Buds or Bobs or...
  13. Cleaning supplies

    As I am still newerish to the gun world, and find myself still acquiring new types / calibers...i am realizing that I need a lot more spare parts, bore snacks, other misc cleaning supplies, etc. Patches and cleaners are not too tough, but where do most of you get other things like bore...
  14. shipping into MA ffl question

    Found myself a MA acceptbale toy in NH. Got the ok from MA shop to transfe, call NH and was told ok, but we need a copy of the shops ffl license. Is this normal, meaning is it normal if I ask the MA shop for this? Trasnferred twice from out of state and never been told this before and am unsure...
  15. DHS To Lease $10 Million Firearms Facility in Boston area

    Just some more tinfoil for your breakfast today.... "The Department of Homeland Security, Office of Procurement Operations, Federal Protective Service Acquisition Division, East Consolidated Contracting Group has a requirement for a firearms facility within 25-miles of the Boston...
  16. Quick transfer question

    If I buy a MA ok gun from someone in NH, does the transfer need to be done at an FFL in MA? Can I meet them face to face in NH and do it? I tried to search but could not find an exact answer. Thank you
  17. sks stripper clip

    Tried to search a few times but stripper and clips did not yield too many results ...does anyone know a good place to buy decent ones? Since it is not about shipping ammo to MA, I am hoping this question is ok. Thank you
  18. One of the homes published in NY was broken into.. Officials say two burglars used a ladder to break into the home to try and steal legally-owned guns out of the homeowner's safe. (January 13, 2013 6:21 PM) A White Plains home that is listed on a publicized...
  19. glock 10mm to 40 question

    I have a g29...and was recently debating buying another barrel, probably lone wolf one as I have heard good things about them, especially if I am firing off some full 10mm loads, and was thinking of getting a 40 barrel as well. From what I understand I can swap the 10 barrel out for the 40 and...
  20. 38 revolver suggestions

    Was thinking about a 357, just not sure if i want to spend a bit more and have both or be a bit frugal and go the 38 route. Would probably go with a gp100/686 if I could find one decently priced, but for 38, what would you recommend as an average wheel gun? Say $4-500? Do not have either a 357...
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