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  1. Daughter wants a Gun

    My two cents Len-2A Training nailed it... get her into the class she asked for and let her choose. I'll give some frame of reference also. My daughter is starting to want to shoot more. She is a college athlete so very capable for a strength and conditioning perspective but also slight in...
  2. Anyone using a turret press for brass prep and loading?

    I think it will all come down to your definition of precision. At least that is what my experience was. I have a RCBS Turret press & Single Stage. I started on the single stage and like you wanted to see if I could get away from swapping everything out. However, at least on my Turret press...
  3. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    S&W 638 is the small carry of choice for me... always has been... pretty sure always will be. Not really big on change.
  4. Best 223 seating die for 77gr SMKs?

    I'll second slipknot suggestion. I use LE Wilson seating dies for my most accurate loads. Not sure I'm a good enough shooter to always know the difference, but I can confirm that using it decreased the variation in overall COAL. Less scientific, I notice much less cooper shavings under the...
  5. Tumbling or ultra sonic for cleaning?

    Wow, can't wait to see the replies.... this is right up there with a Ford vs. Chevy convos. I give you my opinion and as usual, to you it will probably be worth 2 cents. I'm not a fan of ultra sonic for my brass. I love my ultra sonic for parts. Why? I can't say there is a scientific reason...
  6. MA Antlerless Deer Permits last day 7/16

    I see others replying for zone 8..... HA, saw this today and had totally forgot. I've been skunked for several years but got one for zone 8 this year.
  7. Large Pistol magnum match primers

    There are probably others that can explain the whys behind it or what the manufacturer says is the difference, but for what it is worth. When I run my loads through a chronograph I've never seen a statistical difference in velocity by going from the same manufacturers match grade or bench rest...
  8. Sweet spot for 10/22 triggers

    If you are adding up comments +1 for single stage KIDD. May not be the cheapest option but it is an amazing trigger. Like andrew1220, I did mine years and years ago. I would compare this trigger to the best triggers I've tried across different platforms.
  9. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    I would agree that recently UPS has seemingly gotten worse and that most packages look like they are now being thrown overhand vs underhand. I generally hate when UPS turns it over to USPS (think they call it smart post) then I rarely get correct status on the tracking. I asked the post guy...
  10. Incorrect specs on RCBS sizing die?

    Thought I would give an update, just in case it can help someone else down the road. Had the opportunity to sit down and go through the brass and measure items and sort this out. I would say everything comes down to tolerances. The two biggest tolerances in question are the chambers of the...
  11. Incorrect specs on RCBS sizing die?

    Yes on 40... for everyone it is code 22115 on the set, but at this point seems to be an issue with the MP40 Using a Rock Chucker press and absolutely at the highest point and case hold (#27) touching bottom of sizing die.
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